Movies Like After

Movies like After are some of the most memorable romantic movies. They show us stories of budding romance originating from the most unlikely places. We see couples face difficulties and make it if destiny allows, while some relationships fail. But in all movies like after, one thing stands out, the exciting journey that love is all about.

After is a romantic movie based on the good-girl-loves-bad-boy storyline. In it, we see a young woman’s life change from the day she meets her love, Hardin. Like most deep romances, the relationship becomes toxic because of the male character and life’s happenings. But Tessa becomes the heroine of the story when she moves on successfully.

7 Movies like after You Must Watch

Here are 7 movies to watch if you enjoyed After. They show different ways that love can come into our lives and the challenges it brings.

1. After We Collided (2020)

After her break up, Tessa starts interning at Vance Publishing, where she meets Trevor. He becomes her new object of romance only for some funny encounter to bring Hardin back on the scene. 

Tessa and Harding reignite their love for each other but face many heart-breaking situations. For example, we learn that Harding is traumatized by a terrifying encounter that happened to his sister. Such scenarios show Tessa a different side of his bad-boy personality that challenges their love.

Tessa also shows us that love is not everything in After We Collided. We see her develop a successful career at Vance while struggling with romance. Although some tragic things happen, we also witness some mysteries. After We Collided is another movie similar to After that shows us the struggles of love.

2. The Perfect Date (2019)

The Perfect Date is the story of Brooks, a teenager who launches a dating app. In it, he advertises himself as the best plus one everywhere. Brooks wants to use the app to finance his dreams to attend Yale. But his dad has other plans for his college future.

Brooks meets a charming girl, Celia, during one of his dating app commitments. She comes from a wealthy family and gets along well with him. Unfortunately, like in all romances, something hinders their relationship. Will Brooks continue pursuing rich girls, and what happens to Celia?

A Perfect Date is one of the movies like After that shows what happens when you mix romance with business. In the movie, Brooks and his antics teach us the value of honesty and being ourselves. And, of course, a lesson in how ambition can lead you to self-obsession.

3. Midnight Sun (2018)

If you enjoyed After, Midnight Sun will surprise you with a different kind of love. It is the story of Katie, a girl with sensitive skin who has to hide from the sun. She spends her days indoors under the care of her best friend and father. 

Katie only comes out at night to compose and sing beautiful songs on her guitar. One day at midnight, she meets Charlie, a charming guy who brightens up her challenging life. They embark on a budding romance filled with touching moments.

Unfortunately, the love birds soon experience more heart-breaking challenges when they discover Katie has a brain disease. Will she survive the ailment and continue to love Charlie while playing her guitar?

4. Endless Love (2014)

Forbidden love is often the basis of many romance novels. And that’s what we see in Endless Love. Just like in movies similar to After, we see the story of a model student, Jade, and her car-obsessed crash David.

Jade is a studious high schooler, and it’s no surprise when she gets an impressive college scholarship. She decides to celebrate her graduation with a party and invites all her classmates. Things don’t go as planned, but it marks the beginning of an exciting romance.

Prepare for unexpected betrayal, teenage pranks, accidents, and fun moments as you follow their rocky romance. Jade gets entangled in a passion that threatens to burn her and her boyfriend to the ground. Like After, will we see our love birds survive their romance?

5. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Not all teen romances are about a rich girl who meets a rebellious boy like in Movies similar to After. Like The Fault in Our Stars, some movies are about a romance that blooms from a harrowing experience.

Hazel, a teenager, living with Thyroid Cancer, joins a support group in the movie. She meets Augustus, a man who lost his leg to bone cancer and is in remission.

Hazel and Augustus embark on a passionate and inspiring romance. The two bond over their hobbies, even exchanging their favourite books. They decide to visit Hazel’s favourite author in Amsterdam after getting tickets from the Make-a-wish Foundation.

The love birds are disappointed by the author when they meet him. But their time in Amsterdam is marked by memorable romantic moments. The Fault in Our Stars is a story of love during challenging times of fighting a debilitating disease.

6. About Time (2013)

About time is a different kind of romance from movies like After involving supernatural powers. It is the story of Tim Lake, a young man who finds out he has extraordinary powers on his 21st birthday. The powers give him the ability to time travel to places he’s lived before.

Tim decides to use his power to confess his love to Charlotte, a summer crush. And later, to pursue a relationship with Mary, whom he ends up marrying. He also tries to save his childhood friend from a drunken car accident.

Eventually, Tim accepts life with all its challenges and only uses his powers to capture fond memories. Like After, the movie teaches us lessons such as the value of living life one day at a time. And how to accept it with all its worries and great gifts.

7. Chasing Liberty (2004)

Our last contribution to the list of movies like After is Chasing Liberty. It’s a classic that depicts the story of a president’s daughter and her love interests. 

We see the president’s daughter Anna fall in love with a bad boy photographer in the movie. Unfortunately, their date is ruined by the secret service’s supervision.

After her ruined date, Anna decides to ask for less supervision. The president accepts to leave her with only two agents while on a trip to Prague. While there, she decides to elude her protectors. Things get interesting when she bumps into Ben Calder on his motorbike, a secret service agent.

Believing she is free, Anna does outrageous things in Prague, like skinny dipping only for someone to take pictures. Although her father gets angry, Anna holds on to her freedom and goes for another trip to Europe. What will happen there?

If you enjoyed After, you will love Chasing Liberty. It shows us how romance can bloom from the most unlikely places. This classic also gives us insight into a relationship involving influential people.


If you love Movies Like After, check out these similar 7 films we’ve put together. They each show us amazing scenes depicting how life can change from meeting your lover to after. We identify with them from our youthful days when romantic encounters meant the world. Watch these movies for that warm feeling you get when seeing love grow.