Where Is Bridgerton Filmed?

Aside from depicting truths about true romance, Bridgerton’s gripping locations make fans ask, “Where is Bridgerton filmed?”. From medieval castles to picturesque halls, many locations kept viewers hooked as the story unfolded. So, do these places exist, and where can you find these real locations from the fictional series?

Bridgerton is filmed in several locations around England, with Bath being its primary filming location. Many settings in the film came from this beautiful city, including the Royal Crescent, which marvels numerous viewers. London was another location for the series, featuring the Lancaster House and The Reform Club. Also, parts of the series were shot in the garden of Painshill Park in Surrey. 

The 2020 to 2022 series remains a sensation to lovers of romance and medieval-themed films. Keep reading to learn more answers to the question, “Where is Bridgerton filmed?” 

What Is Bridgerton?

If there’s one series that can teach you what love in the medieval ages looked like, it should be Bridgerton. The series is set in the Regency London high society, from elegant ballrooms to aristocratic palaces. It was a time when people knew the value of love because they had to fight for it.

The story revolves around the life of the Bridgertons and their quest for love, adventure, and romance. Bridgerton’s first season was based on the novel – the Duke and I – and focused on Daphne Bridgerton’s story. In the second season, the focus shifts to Anthony Bridgerton after the novel – The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Each of the eight members of the Bridgerton family has a book for them from the author – Julia Quinn. For the first two seasons, it has been a massive success with enticing plots and captivating settings. There is also news of upcoming seasons three and four after season two kicked off.

Locations Where Bridgerton Is Filmed


Bath is the series’ primary setting, a superbly preserved city that has previously served as the backdrop to many dramas. Bridgerton, like many others, uses the Royal Crescent, a curving line of terraced structures designed by architect John Wood. The structure was built between 1767 and 1774. 

The cameras cleverly combine the Bath Assembly Rooms and the 19th-century Holburne Museum to form a single structure – Lady Danbury’s home. Trim Street, Beauford Square, and Barton Street were all turned into cobblestone streets, with additional filming taking place in Abbey Green.


The series also moved to London. It features the grand chambers of Lancaster House, which doubles as Buckingham Palace in The Crown.

Anthony Bridgerton’s meeting with Basset at The Reform Club also appears in London. The Pall Mall Gentlemen’s Club was founded in 1836.


Furthermore, we see the Featherington family, led by matriarch Portia (Polly Walker), lounging in the gardens of Painshill Park. This park is a Surrey estate with a famous lake and Chinese Bridge erected by 18th-century aristocrat Charles Hamilton.


Bridgerton is a series that has made history, and fans still hope to see more of its evergreen plots on screen. Now you have answers to your question, “Where is Bridgerton filmed?” How about a trip to the olden part of England?