Movies Like American Pie

Movies like American Pie are the kind that cult comedy franchises are all about. They are some of our most memorable teen comedies. The story of teenagers trying to lose their virginity before college is relatable to many people. It reminds us of our high school days marked by teen experimentation and sexual liberation.

American Pie is a notorious series of high school sex comedies. It’s the story of four friends who make a pact to lose their virginity before prom night. We realise how studies can get stashed in the background as teen hormones go crazy. Expect raunchy scenes with a little bit of weird humour and interesting occurrences that only teens can show us.

7 Movies like American Pie You Should Watch

Check out these seven movies similar to American Pie. Expect lots of booze, sex, fun and comedy. Just the things pre-college kids enjoy as they come of age.

1. American Pie 2 (2001)

If you enjoyed American Pie 1, you will love American Pie 2. After their adventure in the first movie, Jim and his friends are now inseparable. Things didn’t go as planned in the first movie, but they are back again to hold the biggest party.

You’ll enjoy plenty of humour, and awkward adult scenes as the friends explore their sexuality. Jim, a hilarious character, seems to always get caught pants down by his father. He and his friends get into a great deal of mischief as they look for sex tips. They also spend much of their time partying.

That’s American Pie 2, a teen comedy full of sexual innuendoes and cringe-worthy scenes. Try it if you are looking for a teen movie that is a little bit out there.

2. Project X (2012)

Movies like American Pie depict the high school party scene, and Project X is the same. It’s the story of three high school friends who decide to host a party to get famous. They are unprepared for how many people come to the party. It ends up being more than your average high school party with lots of drugs, sex, and drama.  

The party even attracts news coverage as police try to stop the chaos. And like many rowdy party scenes, the kids cause a fire accident too. How far will they go to have fun?

Project X is another movie like American Pie that depicts the crazy world of teenage parties. We see how things can get out of hand when teens plan a party.

3. Neighbours (2014)

You will love Neighbours if you enjoy movies like American Pie that are all about partying. It’s the story of a young couple struggling to adjust to parenting with a rowdy fraternity next door. 

The Delta Psi Beta’s think they throw the best parties in town, but that’s not what the family next door thinks. After all, they have a baby to think about. They decide to force the fraternity out of the house, but the college kids are steadfast. We see them working hard to get into the Delta Psi Hall of fame to hold the biggest party.  

In the meantime, we witness all the things that kids get to when partying. A series of accidents also shows us what happens when parties get out of hand. How will the new parents stop the fraternity from overrunning the street?

4. Euro Trip (2004)

Euro Trip is one of the movies similar to American Pie that shows us the value of friendship between college students. This time, instead of experiencing the movie in a college setting, we follow the characters on a road trip.

Euro Trip is the story of Scotty and his European crush Mieke, a pen pal in Germany. Scotty decides to visit her after a brutal breakup. He brings his friends along for the fun-filled trip to Europe.

They drink and party their way through London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. There are incidents of robbery and sex and drug experimentation, with lots of humorous moments.

While his friends pursue girls everywhere, Scotty is steadfastly focused on meeting his crush. But when they get to Germany, they find that Mieke has left for Rome. They decide to follow her there, all the while enjoying themselves. Will they see Mieke, or will their long but fun trip be in vain?

5. Accepted (2007)

Accepted is one of the movies like American Pie that shows us how much mischief high school kids can get into. It is the story of two friends who decide to open their own school after being denied a place in college. 

Their hilarious student-run college is just for slackers like themselves. They name it the South Harmon Institute of Technology and create a website. Next, they find a location for it which is an abandoned hospital near their home.

While the idea was to fake their college admission, things get a little too real. The graduates are surprised when slackers like themselves flock to the fake college from all over the country. They now have to continue with their charade in hilarious ways, such as creating unusual courses. 

Nothing is about college studies at South Harmon Institute of Technology. Everything is about fun. Accepted is another of the movies similar to American Pie that shows us the mischievous nature of college kids.

6. 22 Jump Street (2014)

22 Jump Street is the story of two undercover cops who infiltrate a college for a drug investigation. They have to behave like college students to locate the supplier of dangerous drugs. If you love movies similar to American Pie, you will love this one for its funny depiction of campus life.

The undercover cops have to befriend college jocks who are prime suspects in the drug saga. While they investigate the students, they get into lots of funny antics. Their campus life gives us an idea of what life is when college students are preyed on by drug peddlers. Will they discover the supplier of the drugs before he goes too far?

7. Porky (1981)

If you enjoyed American Pie, you’ll love Porky. It is a classic movie like American Pie about two mischievous boys on a mission to lose their virginity. While they pursue their goal, they get into many shenanigans, some of which gets them robbed.

The two friends cause chaos, like executing a dangerous act of revenge on a strip club owner. There are several “laugh out loud” moments when we realise how seriously they are pursuing their goal. We also learn just how far sexual curiosity can get you.


American Pie is one of the most influential college comedies of our times. And these 7 movies similar to American Pie will make you feel like a teen again. You will cringe with shame and laugh out loud as you remember your teenage years. They are the best kind of comedies to watch whenever you are nostalgic for your college days.