Movies Like White Chicks

We all love movies with undercover themes. Movies where we root for the protagonist not to get busted or how long they could keep up their facade. White chicks brought suspense, comedy and crime, giving us a masterpiece. 

If you like movies like White Chicks, you should enjoy the movies on our list. These include Little Man, Big Momma’s House 2, She’s The Boss, and Miss Congeniality. You would also enjoy Horrible Bosses, So Undercover, 21 Jump Street, Super Trooper, and 22 Jump Street. These movies are similar to White Chicks concerning genre, themes, and plot.

White Chicks

White Chicks was released in 2004 and is 109 minutes long. The story was about two FBI agent brothers who messed up a drug bust and are handed a lower case as punishment. They were to escort a pair of socialites as bait for kidnappers. When the girls realize the situation, they refused to go, forcing the FBI agents to go in their stead. They end up transforming themselves from African American men to a pair of blond, white women.

White Chicks is humorous, witty, and satirical. It is funny and entertaining in a parody sort of way. The movie appeals to a young adult audience and can be watched during date night or a girl’s night out. 

The plot involves crossdressing to provide a disguise, crime and nothing going right. This movie falls under the crime and comedy genres.

Movies Similar to White Chicks

Suppose you enjoy movies that seamlessly incorporate crime and comedy, like White chicks. In that case, you will like the movies listed below.

Big Momma’s House 2

Big Momma’s House 2 hit the big screen in 2006 with a duration of 99 minutes. The story follows an FBI agent who goes undercover as Big Momma, a southern granny with a sharp tongue and plenty of attitude. Big momma must act as nanny to three unruly kids from a wealthy family to spy on their dad. 

The style of this movie is humorous and entertaining. It appeals to teenagers and young adults with hilarious scenes and an exciting plot. It falls under crime and comedy genres similar to White Chicks.

Little Man

Little Man was released in 2006 with a run time of 98 minutes. This funny parody-style movie follows the story of a dwarf criminal named Calvin Sims. He joins his less-than-brilliant brother to steal an expensive diamond from a jewellery store for a mobster.

In the heat of the police chase, Calvin hides the diamond in a woman’s purse and traces her to her home, pretending to be a baby. Little Man is a funny parody of mistaken identity. It appeals to teenagers with its comedy of errors.

She’s The Man

She’s The Man was released in 2006 with length of 105 minutes. The romantic comedy follows a twin, Viola Johnson, who takes the place of her identical twin brother in a new boarding school. She pretends to be a boy to play on the boys’ soccer team and falls in love with her handsome roommate. 

She’s the man is a fun rom-com with a complicated storyline. It appeals to teenagers and young adults with its relatable plot and can be watched during a girls’ night out. Its undercover theme and comedic elements make it similar to White Chicks.

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses was released in 2011 with a run time of 98 minutes. It falls within to key genres, namely comedy and crime, like White Chicks. The story follows three men with terrible bosses who make their workplace unbearable. With quitting not an option, they devise a dubious plan to assassinate their bosses after a night of drunken revelry. But things don’t go according to plan. 

Horrible Bosses is a comedy of errors of unlikely criminals. Set in the contemporary USA, the movie also highlights employer-employee relationships. 

So Undercover

So Undercover was released in 2012 with a run time of 94 minutes. This film falls under the crime and comedy genres, just like White Chicks.

The story follows a young streetwise private investigator the FBI employs to go undercover as a sophisticated university girl. Her objective is to safeguard the daughter of a senator. To do this, she has to enter into the wildlife of college sororities.

So Undercover is a funny film with realistic elements. It also incorporates hidden identity student life and social relations in its plot. The movie appeals to a younger audience and can be watched during a girls’ night out.

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality was a box office hit in 2000 with a run time of 109 minutes. The movie falls within the Action, Comedy, and Crime genres, strikingly similar to White Chicks. The story is about a tough agent who has to go undercover as a contestant in the Miss America beauty pageant. The beauty pageant was where a terrorist attack was to take place after the FBI received a letter from a notorious terrorist.

Miss Congeniality is a feel-good, entertaining movie with touching scenes. The movie appeals mainly to a younger audience like teenagers and young adults.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street was released in 2012 with a run time of 109 minutes. The movie falls under the comedy and action genres, just like White Chicks. In this story, we follow two friends from high school who become police officers. They take on an undercover mission, posing as students. As a result, they’re forced to relive their high school year to expose a drug ring and trace the origin of a dangerous drug.

21 Jump Street is a funny action-comedy film that seamlessly incorporates crime and comedy similar to White Chicks. This movie will entertain the whole family and is perfect for a girls’ night.

Super Troopers

Super Troopers was released in 2001 with a run time of 103 minutes. The story follows five Vermont state troopers with a knack for screwing up and playing pranks. They try to save their jobs by coming up with a plan to outdo the local state police by solving a complicated crime before they do.

Super Troopers falls under the Comedy/ Crime genre, just like White Chicks. Young adults can enjoy it with its comedic scenes and hilarious plots.

22 Jump Street

A sequel to 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street was released in 2014 with a run time of 110 minutes. The story follows the two police officers who had navigated high school twice, the second time as undercover agents investigating an illegal drug ring.

 They overcome more significant challenges as they go undercover to investigate the use of a recreational drug at a local college. The bond between the two friends is tested when one befriends a girl.

22 Jump Street falls under the Comedy/Action genre like White Chick. It has similar themes such as undercover cops and funny elements to them.


So, if you liked White Chicks, we think you will enjoy the movies listed above. They are all comparable in terms of genre and themes. If you haven’t seen any of these movies yet, we suggest you check them out!