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How many evenings have you spent in front of the telly in the past seven days? I can tell you categorically that for me it’s five (well, it’s the end of the month – I’m not made of money). That’s about 70% of my week – imagine 70% of your life with nothing but Take Me Out for company. This is exactly what Puma’s trying to combat with its Every Night Starts with a Question campaign – live life, don’t watch it! But do watch the video below:

So, on that note, I’ve been thinking of 3 questions to kick-start my ideal evening. See what you think:

1. How about dinner?

I’m a big fan of food, even if it’s just a TV dinner. But imagine the perfect dinner party: mine would involve a collaboration with someone like Michel Roux (love cooking, but this is my fantasy, so I’m having a little gourmet help) along with a cacophony of guests. I’d have to have the Sherlock team so that I could fawn over Cumberbatch while getting insider Doctor Who secrets from Steven Moffat. I’d probably add a British drama legend like Colin Firth, entertainers like Tim Minchin and Zooey Deschanel to a) balance out the men and b) give me hair tips.

2. Do you have your passport?

Being whisked away is definitely one of my top fantasies. Though practically it’s unlikely I’d have clean washing at any given moment ready to throw in a bag and jump in a cab, in my head this is the most romantic thing that can happen in life. Hopping on Eurostar for a night of culture and good wine in Paris, or a private jet to Marrakesh for sensuality and spas, and impromptu trip to an exotic location would rock my world (hope you’re paying attention, Mr Right).

3. Who brought the Frisbee?

If there’s one thing you can’t beat, and which isn’t hard to achieve, is a night of fun and frolics with your nearest and dearest. For me, in my happy place, the frolics include a beach, a mojito and a Frisbee. Most happy moments in life would include the latter two, actually. Given that this is my head, I’d probably throw in a campfire, some barbeque foods, a massive stereo and lots and lots of dancing. The great thing about my friends, though, is that even in my lounge I’m guaranteed some booze and some dancing (shame about the Frisbee), which sure beats the TV.

Everyone’s ideal evening would be totally different but I bet not many people would choose Xfactor – live life, don’t watch it. What question would you choose?

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