Movies Like Mean Girls

Movies like Mean girls are some of our favourite teen comedy movies. They have all the makings of coming-of-age stories with memorable lines, characters, and jingles. High school comedies are our go-to movies when we want to watch something light and fun. If you miss watching movies similar to Mean Girls, there are quite a few to choose from on Hulu and Netflix.

Mean girls may stand out as one of the favourite teen comedies of all time. It’s the story of a teenage girl trying to excel in college and get along with her friends. The only problem is that a group of mean girls won’t let her. We get to watch her beat them at their game.

10 Movies like Mean Girls You Should Watch

If you enjoyed Mean Girls and its sequel, you would love these ten films we’ve put together for you. They give you a hint of teen comedy, drama, and mystery.

1. Easy A (2010)

Easy A is a popular teen comedy about Olive Prendergast, a 17-year-old student. If you enjoyed Mean Girls, you’d appreciate Olive’s struggle against jealous students in school. Unfortunately, her struggle also involves some lying on her part.

Olive lies about her virginity to fit in with a popular group of girls. She also lies to her best friend Rhiannon to get out of camping with her and her hippie parents. Like with all lies, Olives fibs eventually come to light. The good news is that Marianne, a devout Christian, and her friends are there to help.

We also get some intrigue when Olive’s friend Brandon asks her to hide his secret gay status. Will the lies and drama eventually become too much for Olive? Easy A, like Mean Girls, shows us how high school hierarchies and sexism are used as weapons in bullying

2. Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect is a movie about musical art with a hint of comedy. It depicts the story of the Barden Bellas, an all-female acapella group from Barden University. We see The Bellas lose an acapella competition to a male rival group called the Barden Treblemakers. How will they overcome their loss?

Things seem to turn around when Beca Mitchell joins the college. She is reluctant to go to Barden University but agrees to attend after her father insists. Beca decides to get over her dislike of school by interning at the school radio station. Her musical efforts inspire a member of the Bellas to invite her for an audition with the group. 

We follow the acapella group’s journey filled with surprising fights, arrests, and disqualifications. Fans of movies similar to Mean girls will enjoy the competitive spirit in Pitch Perfect.

3. The DUFF (2015)

The DUFF is the story of Bianca, a high school senior in Atlanta and her two best friends, Casey and Jess. Bianca attends a party hosted by high school mean girl Madison. She is Wesley’s “on again off again” girlfriend (a neighbour and captain of the football team).

Bianca learns that she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (DUFF) in her group during the party. She decides to help Wesley with a challenging science exam in return for some advice. 

Will Bianca end up with Wesley, the popular guy at school? Or is there someone else in the wings in love with her? DUFF is one of the movies like Mean Girls that teaches us how to love and accept ourselves.

4. The Outcasts (2017)

Some teen comedies are about high school misfits changing their fortunes. The Outcast is one such comedy like Mean Girls that shows us the story of two high school nerds. We witness their journey as they try to beat a popular clique in school.

It all starts when the cool kids led by Whitney decide to humiliate Jodi and Mindy with a prank. That forces Jodi and Mindi to start a revolution. Fortunately, they have the backing of Claire, a girl scout, Dave, a pleasant boy, and Virginia, a rich student.

Just as in movies like Mean Girls, the unpopular students stage an uprising against the school bullies. They decide to include all other misfits in school in their Outcast rebellion. Will the school geeks win? 

5. Reality High (2017)

Reality High is a teenage comedy like Mean Girls that follows the story of Dani, a geeky high school girl. Dani is a straight-A high school student focused on getting a scholarship. She is also passionate about dogs and volunteers in a local dog clinic.

Unfortunately, Dani is considered an unfashionable nerd. The good news is that she still has a loyal best friend, Freddie, who has a crush on her. But Dani only has eyes for Cameron, a popular guy in school. The only catch is that he is Alexa’s boyfriend, a former childhood friend now a high school bully.

Alexa is idolised by the whole school and has numerous followers on social media. Will Dani get Cameron, or will Alexa win him back? Reality High is the story of an unpopular girl trying to improve her social status. However, she finds it only causes her to lose sight of her loyal friends and achievement!

6. Eighth Grade (2018)

Eighth Grade is a story like Mean Girls that shows us the struggle of a girl trying to fit in. Kayla is an eighth-grader focused on getting popular at school. The only problem is she is doing this during the last week of school. That doesn’t give her much time.

Kayla decides to post motivational YouTube vlogs about improving your self-image and confidence online. Unfortunately, they get little to no views. Her dad is also trying to connect with her. Will it interfere with her frantic efforts to connect with her classmates on social media?

Just like in movies similar to Mean Girls, we see a lot of awkward moments in Eighth Grade. Like when Kayla tries to get the attention of Aiden by promising him nude photos. And when a seemingly memorable ride home from the mall ends up with a surprising game of Truth or Dare. 

Eighth Grade shows us how difficult it is to achieve popularity in school. It also teaches us, like Mean Girls, how to overcome peer pressure while maintaining your identity. 

7. Book Smart (2019)

Book Smart is another one of the movies similar to Mean Girls that show us the benefits of supportive friends. It is the story of Molly and Amy, two bookworms pursuing academic excellence. Amy is protectively loyal to her bombastic friend Molly. While the latter is hell-bent on following her friend’s footsteps.

However, Molly and Amy’s faith in academic excellence is shattered when they discover less hardworking students excelling too. Why should they get into the same prestigious school as they have? After all, they are always partying!

Molly and Amy decide to party the day before their graduation to see what it’s all about. And they bring us along for the ride. There’s teen experimentation, hilarious party scenes, and unforgettable memories. Book Smart teaches us the importance of tolerance and being a loyal friend.


These are seven movies like Mean Girls we recommend you watch. There’s loads of humour, drama, strong feminine characters, and serious plots.

If you enjoyed Mean Girls, you’d love these similar movies from 2010 to 2019. They show us how life is in high school. We also learn to overcome everyday teen life issues such as peer pressure and bullying.