Where Is The Witcher Filmed?

Mesmerized by the stunning locations, fans of The Witcher series often wonder: Where is The Witcher filmed? Several of The Witcher’s UK filming locations have been revealed for the series, including the famed castle and house. Those who love The Witcher series might want to visit the locations where the crews and cast travelled throughout filming. So, where is that location?

Filming took place in a variety of locations for both seasons of Witcher. Before Covid-19 arrived, The Witcher’s team finished filming season 1 across Spain, Hungary, Poland, and Austria. While during the second session of Witcher, filming took place in fifteen different locations in the UK.

What Is The Witcher?

Witcher is a thrilling Netflix series adapted from the books of Polish author named Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher is full of mythical creatures like elves, witches, vampires, and different kinds of monsters. It combines magic, heroic tales, and mythical creatures.

Locations Where The Witcher is Filmed

 This Netflix series contains fantastic locations such as Aretuza, Cintra, Nilfgaard, and Rania. The Witcher’s team completed the filming of season 1 before the arrival of Covid-19. 

It was filmed across Spain, Hungary, Poland, and Austria. The team of The Witcher started filming season 2 of the series when the Covid-19 spread around the world. 

That was the most challenging time for the film industry. Therefore, due to restrictions and lockdowns, season 2 of The Witcher was filmed entirely in the United Kingdom. 

Location 1: Bourne Wood, Chichester

The majestic Bourne Wood near Farnham is a famous filming location in the United Kingdom. You have often seen this location in films and television. It contains beautiful forests and a calm environment, so many films have been filmed here. 

Location 2: North Yorkshire

Like Bourne Wood, Yorkshire has also established itself as an eminent filming location in the UK. The Witcher season 2 has included many scenes filmed in North Yorkshire. 

The web series team spent three days shooting in Yorkshire Park. This hidden location has two beautiful waterfalls and fantastic limestone cliffs. Fountains Abbey makes the site more aesthetically pleasing. 

Derelict Cistercian monasteries are uncommon in the UK, and this is one of the best-preserved. The historic Fountains Abbey was founded in 1132 and is still a majestic place for architecture lovers. 

Location 3: Lake District National Park

You might have also recognized Lake District National Park in several scenes of Witcher. 

The Witcher team utilized the natural landscapes of the Lake District as the exterior location for filming. Hodge Close Quarry is one of the exciting locations here that you can see in the web series. 


Witcher is a well-known series that originated from a set of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. You may also see many mythical creatures in The Witcher, including elves, witches, vampires, and various monsters. 

The series incorporates magic, heroic feats, and mythical creatures. Additionally, the scenery in the series is outstanding, so you might be curious about its location. 

Season 1 of The Witcher took place across Hungary, Poland, and Spain. While the whole filming of The Witcher season 2 occurred across the various locations within the UK. It was due to the restrictions and strict lockdowns due to Covid-19.