Where Is Ghosts Filmed?

If you frequently watch sitcoms, you may have wondered where is Ghosts filmed.

“Ghosts,” the acclaimed CBS supernatural comedy series, has piqued your curiosity with its humor and quirky spectral characters.

As you watch the endearing trials of Samantha and Jay, who inherit a haunted country estate, you might wonder where the eerie yet comical haunts of “Ghosts” come to life on screen.

The show takes inspiration from a British sitcom of the same name and has successfully transplanted its charm to North American locales.

Your curiosity about the filming locations is well placed; the pilot episode was filmed in a grand estate located at South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, which lends an authentic air to the initial setting.

As the series progressed, production moved to an estate at South Saint-Vincent Street in Montreal, Canada, where the interiors that viewers have come to know were brought to life.

It’s an interesting blend, as the exterior of the haunted estate seen on television is inspired by an English manor known as West Horsley Place.

However, all the interior scenes that contribute to the comedic escapades of the show are filmed in Montreal, offering a seamless blend of Old World charm and television production magic that keeps viewers, like you, engaged episode after episode.

Where Is Ghosts Filmed?

When you’re watching the CBS sitcom “Ghosts,” you might be curious about the iconic house you see on screen.

The show revolves around both an interior brimming with supernatural antics and a captivating exterior that sets the stage for the story.

Exterior Settings

The exterior shots for the pilot of “Ghosts” place you right in front of a grandiose estate located at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California.

This particular location isn’t just known for its role in “Ghosts”; it has a cinematic legacy, having been used as Bruce Wayne’s residence in the 1966 “Batman” film.

Interior Settings

Although the pilot episode showcased an actual house near the University of Southern California, the series’ team built a meticulous reproduction of the house’s interior on a soundstage in Montreal after the show was picked up.

This allows for a controlled environment where the indoor ghostly scenes unfold with consistent quality and lighting, providing you with that seamless blend of reality and the paranormal.

Secondary Filming Locations

While West Horsley Place in Surrey, England served as a primary location for the BBC One edition of Ghosts, the CBS version of the show has its own secondary filming locations that are worth mentioning.

Initially, the pilot episode was shot in an actual house located in Los Angeles, near the University of Southern California.

After the pilot, the show’s production moved to Montreal, Canada.

Here, the interior of the L.A. house was replicated on a soundstage, which became the new setting for the series.

The reason for this relocation was primarily practical, as shooting in a soundstage offers the production team greater control over the environment and lighting, which is necessary to create the right atmosphere for a show that revolves around ghosts and their antics.

Your quick guide to the secondary filming locations of CBS’s Ghosts:

  • Pilot Episode House: An actual residence near the University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • Montreal Soundstage: Interior sets replicating the original LA house

Remember, while you might not be able to visit the production soundstage in Montreal, the pilot episode house near the University of Southern California might be visible from the outside, giving you a sneak peek into where the spooky hilarity began.

Production Design and Set Decoration

When you’re watching Ghosts, you’re not just looking at a house; you’re seeing the meticulous work of the production design and set decoration teams.

Production designers are the visionaries of the film set, crafting the visual concept of the project, while set decorators are the talented individuals who source and place every item that dresses the set, from the furniture down to the smallest knick-knack.

Key Roles:

  • Production Designer: Creates the overall visual style.
  • Set Decorator: Details the space with props and decor.

In Practice:

For a show like Ghosts, authenticity is key.

Vintage styles and period-appropriate decorations are carefully selected to complement the narrative’s supernatural elements and the historic estate at the center of the show.

For instance, a discerning eye might catch that:

  • Furniture reflects the time period(s) of the ghost characters.
  • Wall hangings and artwork are period-specific, enhancing the thematic elements of the show.

Fun Fact:

The estate you see in Ghosts is not just a set but also bears historical significance in entertainment.

This location, the iconic house at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, has served as the facade of Bruce Wayne’s residence in the 1966 Batman TV series.

By blending productive design with intricate set decoration, Ghosts not only entertains but also visually immerses you into its charmingly spooky universe.

Keep an eye out for the little details next time you tune in—they’re telling their own silent stories.

Viewer Reception and Impact

The CBS sitcom Ghosts has generated a warm response from its audience since its debut.

Here’s a snapshot of how viewers have received the show:

  • Ratings: You’ll find that the sitcom quickly found its footing, enjoying robust viewership and strong ratings, indicating a positive reception.
  • Critics Reviews: Various television critics have given it favorable reviews, appreciating the show’s humor and unique premise.
  • Awards & Nominations: As of the current date, Ghosts may not have a long list of awards, but keep your eyes peeled; quality often gets recognized.

Audience Impact:

  • Fan Discussions: On forums and social media platforms, fan engagement has been notable.
    • The conversations you might see often revolve around the show’s quirky characters and comedic elements.
  • Cultural Influence: The unique blend of comedy and supernatural elements in Ghosts has allowed you to enjoy a fresh take on both genres.

Key Takeaways

  • CBS’s “Ghosts” Filming Locations:
    • The pilot episode was filmed at a grand estate located at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California.
    • This property is known for being Bruce Wayne’s home in the 1966 “Batman” film.
  • BBC’s “Ghosts” Filming Locations:
    • The British version was shot at West Horsley Place, a 15th-century manor house in Surrey.
    • West Horsley Place has been a setting for other productions, like Vanity Fair.
  • Additional Filming Sites:
    • The CBS show continued filming in various locations.
    • One of these was Ste. Anne De Bellevue, notably at the Morgan Arboretum.

When looking for filming locations for your favorite show “Ghosts,” the CBS sitcom made use of an iconic estate that brings the supernatural narrative to life.

Meanwhile, the BBC One version chose a historic English country manor that has served in multiple television dramas.

If you ever wish to visit these sites, the core places for the CBS sitcom are nestled in Pasadena, while the British counterpart lies in the scenic Surrey countryside.