Where is Unforgotten Filmed?

If you want to know where is Unforgotten filmed, this article may interest you.

You might have been captivated by ‘Unforgotten,’ the British crime drama series that has kept viewers on the edge of their seats since 2015.

What enriches the experience is not just the gripping narrative but also the authentic backdrop against which the story unfolds.

The series takes you through a journey across various parts of England, immersing you into the atmosphere that is as British as it gets.

Located primarily in London, the series makes good use of the capital’s eclectic mix of historical and modern settings. The show has been praised for its attention to detail, and the locations play a significant part in that.

From the bustling city scenes to the tranquil countryside, ‘Unforgotten’ showcases the geographic diversity of England, creating a canvas that feels real and relatable.

Throughout its seasons, the production has traveled to multiple places, giving a taste of both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas.

Whether it’s London’s Southwark Bridge or the picturesque seaside of Brighton on the famous pier, the show provides you with an authentic tour of England, one that reflects its rich cultural and historical landscape.

These settings are not just backgrounds; they are characters in their own right that contribute to the series’ compelling storytelling.

Keep on the lookout for scenes set in well-known locations, such as Liverpool, Bath, Essex, and potentially even Paris, as the series’ geographical canvas expands with each episode.

Where Is Unforgotten Filmed?

The acclaimed TV series Unforgotten finds its home within the diverse landscapes of England.

You’ll uncover the essence of British culture and history through the locations used in the show.

Here’s a breakdown of where the series has been filmed:

Series Breakdown:

Series 1:

  • Southend: Coastal scenes that bring to life the seaside atmosphere.
  • Liverpool: Urban backdrops infused with rich architectural heritage.
  • South London: Southwark Bridge featured in pivotal moments.

Series 2:

  • Brighton: Iconic pier scenes and strolls along Marine Parade.
  • Winchester: The historic charm adds depth to the storyline.
  • The Cotswolds: Quintessentially British countryside settings.

Series 3 & Beyond:

  • Lymington: Picturesque town providing a serene setting.
  • London: Continues to be a central filming location, highlighting various districts.
  • Essex (Tilbury): Used extensively, complementing the London scenes for series 5.

As you follow the investigations in Unforgotten, you’ll appreciate how these authentic locations contribute to the show’s compelling narrative.

From the bustling streets of London to the tranquil English countryside, each setting complements the series’ intricate storytelling.

Keep an eye out for these places as you delve into the mystery and drama of Unforgotten.

London Locations

Your journey through “Unforgotten” takes you right into the heart of England’s bustling capital.

London, with its captivating mix of modern and historic backdrops, plays an essential role in setting the scene for this intriguing series.

Inner City Filming

In the intricate web of London’s streets, Inner City areas like Camden, Islington, and Lambeth have played host to the show’s production.

You might recognize these areas for their distinctive architecture and urban atmosphere, which manifest perfectly on screen to reflect the series’ tone.

Camden’s bustling marketplaces and Islington’s row of Georgian houses set the stage for some of the show’s most pivotal scenes.

Suburban Settings

Beyond the high-energy urban center of London, Unforgotten also utilizes its quieter, Suburban neighborhoods.

Serene residential areas provide a stark contrast to the inner city, highlighting the diversity of London’s landscapes.

These settings often evoke a more personal, intimate aspect of the characters’ stories, presenting a different side of the city to audiences.

Countryside and Regional Settings

While urban landscapes provide the bustling backdrop for many scenes in “Unforgotten”, it’s the countryside and regional settings that offer a picturesque contrast.

These locations are integral for certain storylines and add depth to the show’s visual narrative.

Rural Landscapes

The Cotswolds, a range of rolling hills in central England, serve as a stunning rural location in “Unforgotten”.

You can see the unmistakable British countryside with its patchwork fields and quaint villages providing an atmospheric backdrop for the series.

Specific sites include:

  • Bampton: Known for its traditional architectural style and historic charm.
  • Filkins: Offers scenes of tranquil village life, enhancing the storyline’s contemplative moments.
  • Little Faringdon: Another serene Cotswold setting that conveys the area’s peaceful essence.
  • Northleach: Depicts the classic English countryside, adding authenticity to the show’s setting.

Historic Estates

The historic elements of the region are captured through filming at estates scattered across the country.

These estates often reflect an era that resonates with the story being told in “Unforgotten”. For example:

  • Winchester: Its rich history is depicted through its ancient buildings and cobbled streets.
  • Bath: An iconic city known for its Roman-built baths and Georgian architecture plays a significant role in season five.

The combination of rural landscapes and historic estates for “Unforgotten” not only brings variety to the show’s aesthetic but also serves to ground its complex narratives in tangible, relatable locations.

Production Insights

Exploring the filming locations of Unforgotten reveals the careful selection of diverse locales to bring the crime drama’s narrative to life.

These locations contribute to the show’s authentic British atmosphere while offering a visual treat.

Location Scouting

When scouting for locations, Unforgotten‘s production team sought out settings that matched the series’ narrative needs while also ensuring a genuine representation of the UK’s varied landscapes.

For example, London’s metropolitan area was extensively used for its urban scenes, while non-metropolitan areas provided an apt backdrop for the show’s exploration of British culture and history.

Notably, filming spots for Season 5 included London for its urban intensity and Tilbury in Essex for its unique aesthetic.

Further afield, historical Bath offered an additional layer of gravitas to the unfolding drama.

Set Design

The production design team worked diligently to create sets that not only resonated with the show’s tone but also blended seamlessly with the scouted locations.

Be it the bustling London streets or the quiet, picturesque settings outside the city, each set was crafted to reflect Unforgotten’s commitment to narrative authenticity.

In Season 3, careful attention was paid to utilizing the natural charm of places like Lymington, transforming them into visual extensions of the storyline.

Season 1 saw critical scenes unfold on Southwark Bridge in South London, an example of how actual sites were used to ground viewers in the show’s gritty reality.

The design team’s efforts can be seen in how effortlessly the locations appear as an almost invisible character, integral to the story but not overshadowing the drama unfolding between the characters.

On-Screen Presentation

When you watch Unforgotten, you’re seeing a tapestry of England’s diverse landscapes and architecture — a deliberate choice that enhances the storytelling.

London, with its iconic skyline and bustling streets, often plays a pivotal role, grounding the series in a familiar urban setting.

In the first series, you might recall the emotional scenes set against the backdrop of Southend and Liverpool, including a key moment staged on Southwark Bridge.

Each episode weaves together a narrative that moves beyond the central location, taking advantage of England’s varied settings to complement the unfolding mystery.

Brighton’s famous pier and Marine Parade, along with historical sites in Winchester and the Cotswolds, have served as backdrops, contributing to the show’s authentic British feel.

Season three even transported viewers to the scenic coastal town of Lymington.

What stands out about Unforgotten is how these locations not only set the scene but also act as silent characters in the story.

They speak to the history and diversity of the places where the forgotten have been found, making the show’s title all the more resonant.

Take a moment to appreciate the scenery next time you tune in; every location is chosen to bring you closer to the heart of the story — England itself.

Key Takeaways

Unforgotten, a British crime drama series, predominantly showcases England as its filming canvas.

Here’s what you should know about the show’s filming locations:

  • Most of the Unforgotten filming takes place within England. Particular emphasis is placed on London for its urban landscape, which resonates with the show’s tone.
  • Your journey through the series’ mysteries includes visits to various metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, offering a distinctive British feel.
  • The first season features scenes from Southend and Liverpool.
  • A notable scene takes place on Southwark Bridge in South London.
  • In season two, you are taken to Brighton’s famous pier and Marine Parade, bringing in the city’s seaside ambiance.
  • You also get to witness historic Winchester and the rustic charm of the Cotswolds.
  • Lymington serves as a backdrop in the third season, adding to the geographical diversity of the show.
  • The fifth series brought the crew back to London, which remained a pivotal location.
  • Additionally, filming extended to Tilbury in Essex and Bath, offering a blend of urban and historic scenery.

Each location is chosen to reflect the narrative’s rootedness in British culture and to maintain authenticity in the show’s storytelling.

Keep an eye out for these iconic spots as you unravel the mysteries with each episode!