Where Is Chloe Filmed?

From the moment this suspenseful UK thriller premiered, fans have been asking, “Where is Chloe filmed?”. Becky, played by Erin Doherty, is a young lady who lives a lonely life but develops an unhealthy obsession with the social media profile of an old acquaintance.

Chloe was one of several recent BBC shows shot in and around Bristol. During the 15 weeks of filming, the actors and crew travelled to various places across the city. Some of these locations were the harborside, the performance venue St. George’s Hall in Clifton, and the city’s Marriott Hotel on College Green.

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What Is Chloe?

Isolated from society, Becky is a temporary worker who also takes care of her ageing mother. When Becky feels down, she spends her time on social media and compares her life to the Instagram-perfect images she sees.

Chloe is the only one of her accounts she keeps returning to. Becky hasn’t spoken to Chloe in 15 years. So, when she hears the news of her death, she promises to find out exactly what happened. 

Becky assumes the persona of “Sasha” and orchestrates a “chance” encounter with Chloe’s best friend, Livia. She finds her way into Chloe’s group of friends.

Sasha embodies everything Becky lacks, including authority, subversiveness, popularity, and connections. Becky’s perception of what is real and what is imagined may get muddled due to the intoxicating lifestyle that Sasha leads.

Locations Where Chloe Is Filmed

A Bond Warehouse Near Cumberland Basin

In 1905, William Cowlin and Sons constructed this bonded tobacco warehouse. This had previously been planned by the engineer working on the Docks Committee. 

The Cumberland Basin is home to three brick warehouses, all identical to one another. The ‘A’ Bond was the first of these buildings to be constructed. 

They provide an excellent picture of how vast and active the port of Bristol was during that era. In addition to being one of the ports that participated in the transatlantic slave trade, Bristol also housed warehouses and factories to produce tobacco and sugar. These two items were obtained through trade.

Bristol Beacon

Since 1867, the Bristol Beacon has served as Bristol’s premier performance venue. In addition to bringing some of the world’s greatest musicians to the city of Bristol for concerts in a variety of genres, the venue also hosts comedy and community activities. There are a total of 2,075 seats available in the auditorium.

Quay Street Diner

The Quay Street Diner immediately established itself as one of the city centre’s most well-liked dining establishments once it opened its doors. If you’re in the mood for terrific cuisine and a laid-back vibe, this all-day diner/bar is the place to be! In the Bristol dining scene, Quay Street Diner has established itself as a go-to for large parties and two romantic dinners.

M Shed

With its collection of artefacts and oral histories, M Shed aims to give visitors a glimpse into Bristol’s fascinating past. M Shed sits in a former 1950s transport shed preserved for its unusual architectural style. From prehistoric periods to the present, three galleries tell the intriguing narrative of this city and its unique position in the globe.

Other locations include harborside, the performance venue St. George’s Hall in Clifton and the city’s Marriott Hotel on College Green.


Bristol has it all if you’re looking for a gorge, a dock, a colourful neighbourhood, or a busy harbourside. It receives strong support from the active activity at The Bottle Yard Studios at The Farm.