Where is Wednesday Filmed? Uncovering The Filming Locations

If you’ve been bingewatching on Netflix, you may have wondered where is Wednesday filmed.

The intrigue of the show isn’t just in its characters.

The setting plays a huge role in crafting the Gothic atmosphere that’s become synonymous with the Addams family.

You might be curious where the brooding ambiance of Nevermore Academy and the town surrounding it came to life.

The series transported viewers to a captivating world that, while fictional, required a real-world backdrop to bring its gothic charm to life.

‘Wednesday’ was primarily filmed in Romania, a country known for its dramatic landscapes and rich historical architecture that naturally exudes a gothic aura.

Locations like the grandiose Cantacuzino Castle and the enchanting Bucharest Botanical Garden provided the series with its mysterious and vintage aesthetic— a perfect match for the tone of the show.

Romania’s selection as the backdrop for the series isn’t just a random choice.

It’s a locale that breathes life into the story with its authentic medieval architecture.

Specific sites in Bucharest and the picturesque city of Sinaia set the stage for Nevermore Academy and the peculiar incidents that unfold around it.

The usage of these locations not only enhanced the narrative’s ambiance but also kept viewers immersed in the dark and whimsical world of Wednesday Addams.

Where Is Wednesday Filmed?

Your journey through the eerie and gothic world of “Wednesday” leads you straight to the heart of Romania, where the production team brought the Addams Family’s peculiar universe to life.

Bucharest, Romania

Bustling Bucharest serves as the backdrop for several scenes in “Wednesday.”

Specifically, Bucharest’s Botanical Garden plays a pivotal role, offering lush, verdant scenes contrasting with the series’ darker tones.

Its gothic and medieval architectural elements enhance the mysterious ambiance that surrounds the narrative.

Castel Film Studios

Renowned for its capacity to host large-scale productions, Castel Film Studios becomes the prime spot for indoor scenes.

Its versatile space accommodates the intricate sets that recreate Nevermore Academy’s interior and the fictional town of Jericho, providing an authentic feel to the show’s enigmatic setting.

Secondary Filming Locations

While the primary filming location for Wednesday was in Romania, several notable secondary spots were used to bring the gothic ambiance to life.

Additional On-Location Shoots

Besides the main shooting locations, Wednesday made use of additional on-location shoots to enhance the show’s visual appeal.

You can see the variety in scenes that were filmed at places like Conacul Olga Greceanu and Gara Regala.

Conacul Olga Greceanu, a historical manor in Bălteni, provided a backdrop that exudes authenticity and historical richness.

Meanwhile, Gara Regala, a train station in Sinaia, was chosen for its architectural significance and to portray the travel elements in the series.

These locations helped in creating the perfect setting that complements the series’ moody and mysterious tone.

Production Details

When you’re delving into the world of Wednesday, it’s fascinating to see how the show’s atmosphere is brought to life through precise filming locations and artistic choices.

Directorial Vision

Tim Burton, acclaimed for his gothic storytelling, helms Wednesday with an eye for the darkly whimsical.

Your journey through the show is shaped by his distinctive style, which emphasizes gothic and medieval aesthetics.

Settings in Wednesday are chosen to complement the narrative’s tone, and Romania’s rich architecture provided the perfect backdrop.


Wednesday features a cinematography style that matches the enigmatic and shadowy mood of its storyline.

Key scenes were filmed in various locations across Romania.

Notably, the Cantacuzino Castle, Casa Monteoru, and Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu are real-world sites that double as parts of Nevermore Academy.

The Bucharest Botanical Garden brings to life the outdoor scenes with its natural beauty.

Each frame is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the lighting and camera work reflect the series’ somber yet captivating essence.

Fan Engagement

“Wednesday” has spurred significant fan engagement through various online and offline experiences, especially intriguing for fans fascinated by the filming locations.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

You might find yourself scrolling through behind-the-scenes clips and photos shared by cast members or the official Netflix accounts.

These glimpses not only satisfy your curiosity but also make you feel closer to the production process of “Wednesday”.

Popular Behind-the-Scenes Content:

  • Cast interviews and anecdotes
  • Set design and construction videos
  • Costume design discussions
  • Makeup and special effects showcases

Location Tours and Visits

Curious about the real-life counterparts of “Wednesday’s” eerie settings?

Dedicated tours have sprung up in Romania, guiding fans like you to the iconic locations seen in the series.

Key Sites for “Wednesday” Fans:

  • Cantacuzino Castle: The grand exteriors representing Nevermore Academy.
  • Bucharest Botanical Garden: Served as the backdrop for several outdoor scenes.
  • Conacul Olga Greceanu: Added to the authentic gothic atmosphere.
  • Gara Regala: Showcased in the series as a quaint train station.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations in Romania: You’ll find that the Netflix series Wednesday was filmed in picturesque Romania.
    • Romania is known for its Gothic and medieval architecture, perfect for setting the mood of the show.
  • Bucharest, the Heart of Production: Most of the production took place in Romania’s bustling capital, Bucharest.
    • This gives you a blend of urban and historic backdrops.
  • Historical Sites as Sets: A number of historical buildings were used, including:
    • Cantacuzino Castle
    • Casa Monteoru
    • Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu
    • Bucharest Botanical Garden
    • Conacul Olga Greceanu
    • Gara Regala, a train station in Sinaia
  • Duration of Filming: The cast and crew dedicated over six months to filming.
    • They started in the second week of September 2021 and finished on March 30, 2022.
  • Public Access: Some of these locations, like the Botanical Garden, are accessible if you wish to walk in the footsteps of the series’ characters.

Wednesday showcases Romania’s captivating sceneries that echo the unique atmosphere of the Addams Family.

From sprawling estates to a grand train station, these venues were carefully selected to immerse you in Wednesday Addams’ intriguing world.