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Phoenix – Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

French indie-rockers Phoenix returned lately with their new track ‘Entertainment’ which on its own is good, however after a remix by Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion fame) the track got significantly better. The main reason behind this is because it features the vocals of the ‘Origibabes’ aka Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan. Because of all the media coverage surrounding the new/old Sugababes it was great to finally hear MKS prove that their back with their cover of Kenrick Lamar which showcased their vocal ability that we had all forgotten about and on the remix of ‘Entertainment’ their vocals and harmonies are equally as good! Now all we need is a full single from the girls!

Basement Jaxx – Back 2 The Wild

Basement Jaxx have finally returned, and with a banger! Back 2 The Wild is the newest track from the band since 2009 and it does not disappoint! The track has the band’s signature bouncy electro feel to it, along with some camp vocals that would make Scissor Sisters green with envy. If this is what to expect in 2013 from the Jaxx, then I SERIOUSLY need to hear more ASAP.

Florrie – Live A Little


This week sees the return of UK singer, songwriter, drummer and model, Florrie. Since I first discovered her I’ve loved myself a bit of Florrie. If drumming for Xenomania, Kylie, Girls Aloud and The Pet Shop Boys wasn’t enough for her, Florrie has also modelled for Chanel and is bessies with Karl Lagerfeld! She returns with this teaser track ‘Live a Little’ from her forthcoming EP. With an amazing drum beat which has become somewhat her signature, Florrie throws in some brass to show a little bit of a different sound for her. This track is so calling out for a Fred Falke Remix!

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