Pop Culture Blog – Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion – TQS – Part 13

In celebration of the release of The Bling Ring , we thought we’d put together some morphing images of our favourite actors and actresses and the famous biopic parts they’ve played:

Here at TQS we aspire to be pretty fabulous, so scrimping and penny pinching isn’t really our thing. When it comes right down to it, though, socialising costs money – what to do?

No matter your TV remote habits, we recommend two shows you should be watching right now.

As a big music fan – headphones are a bit of a serious game for me. I recently invested over £100 pounds in some Bose ones, the sound quality was impeccable and they were the most comfortable headphones I have…

We introduce the new breed of online menswear shopping: Frank & Oak

This week’s snapshot is of Rich Fownes, Bass and Guitar player for our new favourite psychedelic indie rock band, Bad for Lazarus.

Sex, sea and a highly commended cast; one would imagine Adore to be a sultry and deeply affectionate take on lust and love. Our review explains why it isn’t.

Our review of The Fifth Estate starring Benedict Cumberbatch by Charlotte Keeys.

To celebrate the Game of Thrones’ (reasonably) imminent return, we’re taking a look at some of the characters we can’t wait to see return to our screens!

The satchel is a must-have item and season after season we see this classic bag re-emerging everywhere. Here are the must-have satchels you’ll need this autumn/winter.