What to Wear at Summer Horse Racing Shows | TQS Magazine

The sun is shining – just about – and summer is here. Euro 2016 is underway, however, if you couldn’t make it down to France you’re not going to want to miss this summer’s horse racing shows too, are you? Events like the Royal Ascot are a must-do event for racing fans, and those who love a great day out. However, with your busy life sometimes the day arrives and it then hits you; what on earth do you wear? Which is worse: you look under-dressed, or you stand out a little too much? Luckily we’re here to help you find a balance in what can be one of the most difficult occasions to get right!

The rules tend to be a lot simpler for the men than it is for women, so lets start with the latter.

Women tend to opt for a simple, wedding-like approach, but one that requires a more thought. Obviously it will be weather dependent, so layers are good, and accessories will be key. Bold, bright colors tend to get more recognition in this department. Yellow, orange, red or pink, it all goes – choose a piece which compliments your outfit for a joined-up look, or contrast if you’re feeling bold. A summer dress, or something a little more conservative are both viable options.

Whether hats or purses, it doesn’t have to be bold.  Small is better here, and often proves to make a better end result, too – unless you’re gunning for a spot on the Mail Online, of course.

Now for the men. A suit is usually required — ties may not be needed depending on the race’s specific dress code, so check in advance. Smart casual is good, and make sure the ladies are okay with what you’re wearing. Wouldn’t want to clash or steal the show now would we? You can add color to it, just like the ladies – think bright socks or pocket squares.

Now you’re all clued up, why not try our tips out at July and August’s Newmarket shows? They’re some of the shows of the year, and they will give you a chance to shine bright on the summer sunshine (we can’t promise it won’t rain, but we can hope). However, you can bet on the horse racing here. So, you’ll look sharp and could be celebrating when your chosen horse crosses the finish line.

This main racecourse arguably provides some of the best event of the year, and it also provides an entertaining day you won’t forget in a hurry. The event is famous with for the well-dressed, so you won’t want to show up in just a t-shirt now will you?

Now you’re armed with the event and style tips to have a great day! Enjoy what’s likely to become a yearly habit you’ll always make time for.