Fashion trends for the 2012 autumn and winter season – colours! | TQS Magazine

The upcoming cold season is reason enough to consider the latest fashion styles coming from the trend-setting fashion shows of Milan, Paris, New York and London. Colours, patterns, designs and cuts – “playful clarity” is the catchphrase this year. It sounds like an oxymoron, but is in fact an inspiring brainchild of the most popular designers – one which also works for the wardrobe at home. Let’s have a look:

Colour up!

Most strikingly, this season delights the colour lover. There is much to gain from the cool cobalt blue to be worn in combination with carbon black jackets (above), pantaloons or tights over to previously elitist but recently popularized purple patterns to the colour pop accessory fashion.

Blue, purple, and pink: it is definitely this year’s tendency to counteract the usual autumn colours like brown, orange and green with cooler hues.

Yet, the majestic red remains a powerful and hot colour, too as the new Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe has worn while promoting the upcoming motion picture “Skyfall”. As designers have found inspiration in the orient for this summer, the purity of red and other colours often combines with playful and flowery patterns and prints in black or dark brown.

Focus on the details

Designs and cuts of this year’s autumn and winter season give a lot of attention to the female figure. A special focus is on the female waist which is highlighted through belts and curves. Also, trousers sitting above the waist, which lengthen the leg optically, are en vogue this winter. On top of that, slim fit trousers, which have been popular last year already, will remain fashionable. Rather than coming in monochrome hues, they now get revitalized through patterns allusive to technology and animal fur. Through the straight cut which is mixed with the lively prints, one is never too playfully and never too strictly dressed.

From catwalk or red carpet into your wardrobe

With the abovementioned tips, you can start your autumn shopping tour. If you have time, you may take a look at the shops in the street. But in order to get access to all latest trends, finding a hot new place to shop like Zalando online is the best solution. The main thing to focus on no matter what one buys is the aforementioned catchphrase “playful clarity”, which applies to the combinations one should try this season.