Where Is Magpie Murders Filmed?

If you’re captivated by the twisting plots and picturesque settings of shows, you might be wondering where is Magpie Murders filmed.

While the story unfolds in the charming English countryside, the actual filming locations may come as a surprise.

Despite its setting in the Suffolk countryside and scenes that nod to London’s vibrant backdrop, the series was predominantly filmed in Ireland.

The decision to film in Ireland was influenced by budgetary considerations, giving the show an authentic yet economically feasible set of locations.

The juxtaposition between the series’ English setting and its Irish filming locations adds an intriguing layer to the production.

The decision to film in Ireland offers a variety of landscapes and architectural styles that convincingly stand in for the English villages and estates that fans of the genre so dearly adore.

Meanwhile, the genuine snippets of Suffolk that appear in certain scenes maintain the series’ connection to its story’s geographical roots, satisfying eagle-eyed viewers who appreciate the authenticity of real locations.

Where Is Magpie Murders Filmed?

The BBC drama Magpie Murders brings its mystery to life by filming in various picturesque locations.

You can catch glimpses of Suffolk and the beauty of Ireland’s landscapes throughout the series.

Primary Shooting Locations

Ireland serves as the primary location for the filming of Magpie Murders.

While the tale embraces the backdrop of an English village, it’s the Irish countryside that often fills your screen with its rustic charm and verdant scenery.

Scenic Spots Featured

Suffolk’s scenic spots do make special appearances in the series.

Saxby-on-Avon, a fictional village in the story, is depicted using various locations within Suffolk, with some shots featuring the quaint beauty of this English county.

You might recognize certain views and backdrops as the narrative unfolds.

Production Details

In the production of “Magpie Murders”, you get to explore a series bought to life with precise attention to detail by its talented creators and an ensemble cast.

Producers and Directors

Eleventh Hour Films adapted Anthony Horowitz’s novel for television.

The company is known for producing the series, which aired on BBC and Britbox.

The directors for “Magpie Murders” have used their vision to interlace the quaint charm of Suffolk with the narrative’s sinister undertones.

Casting Information

The series stars esteemed actress Lesley Manville, alongside talented co-stars such as Daniel Mays and Tim McMullan.

Their performances give depth and complexity to the characters that are a pivotal part of the “Magpie Murders”.

Casting decisions were pivotal, with each actor bringing something unique to the table, enhancing the enthralling mystery at the heart of the show.


In exploring the reception of “Magpie Murders,” you’ll find a notable divide between critics’ reviews and audience opinions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the series’ impact.

Critical Acclaim

Critics have often lauded Magpie Murders for its ingenious storytelling and the seamless weaving of two narratives in different time periods.

Its ability to maintain suspense while providing a nostalgic homage to classic whodunits has garnered positive reviews from various reputable publications.

The performances, particularly from the lead cast, have been highlighted as striking and compelling.

Audience Reception

Viewers have shared their appreciation for the show through various platforms.

They praise its engaging plot and the clever interplay between the fictional book within the show and the main storyline.

Many have expressed satisfaction with the scenic filming locations, which add to the series’ atmospheric quality.

However, opinions diverge when it comes to pacing, with some fans finding the dual-timeline approach either refreshingly dynamic or somewhat challenging to follow.

Behind The Scenes

When you peek behind the curtain of the Magpie Murders, you uncover the meticulous craftsmanship that went into bringing the series to life, from the carefully constructed sets to the detailed period costumes and makeup.

Set Design

The Magpie Murders transported you to a world fashioned from the past, thanks in part to the skillful set design.

Locations were chosen for their architectural beauty and relevance to the storyline, with Ireland hosting the majority of the filming due to its budget-friendly options and landscapes that matched the required aesthetics.

Structures that exuded an Edwardian ambiance were paramount, with places like Bloomsbury in London lending their historical façades to some pivotal scenes.

Costume and Makeup

In any period drama, costumes and makeup are essential for authenticity.

Magpie Murders excelled in this area, with costumes that were not just period-appropriate but also reflective of each character’s personality and social standing.

The makeup artists had the meticulous task of ensuring that every detail, from the rouge on a lady’s cheek to the dirt under a laborer’s nails, was time-period accurate, enhancing the overall believability of the series.

Key Takeaways

  • Location Authenticity: While you might assume Magpie Murders was filmed entirely in the UK due to its setting, the filming actually took place largely in Ireland.
    • The Irish countryside’s scenic beauty is prominently showcased.
  • Suffolk Charm: Notably, the Suffolk countryside and London do feature in the series.
    • This combination offers a quaint charm alongside metropolitan visuals.
  • Economic Decisions: Budgetary considerations influenced the location decisions.
    • The producers sought locales that provided the right look for the series at a feasible cost.
  • Real Places, New Faces: Specific spots like The Bell Inn in Kersey embraced a temporary identity for the series, becoming The Queens Arms.
Filming AspectsDetails
Principal LocationIreland
UK LocationsSuffolk Countryside, London
Economic ChoiceBudget-friendly options
Local ImpactBoost for venues like Kersey’s Bell Inn

Magpie Murders is a captivating blend of real places and scripted drama.

It merges winding country lanes with the intrigue of a whodunit puzzle.

Your appreciation for the show might deepen knowing the thoughtful selection of filming locales.