Women's Winter Boots | TQS Magazine

Let us regale you with a short horror story, TQS-ers. Picture the scene – plucky young graduate, dream job opportunity, interview secured. Sounds like the perfect set up, right? Now picture the office for said job being in the middle of NOWHERE, halfway up what can only be described as a mountain in the Dales, during one of the worst snow-storms to hit Britain. Remember -that- winter? Yup, that one. Now imagine having to make your way down ice covered steps at the train station, and then clamber down a cobbled alley that resembled the inside of a snow globe. In WINKLEPICKERS. Looked like a frostbitten Bambi on ice.

What’s the point of us telling you this, we hear you ask? Well it’s to tell you that we’ve truly come to understand the need for a good winter shoe. When you honestly believe you’re going to lose your toes, you forego your usually unwavering mantra of ‘fashion over function’ and look to invest in some decent, proper, warm winter boots. Since we recently covered the basics of men’s boots and we’ve offered you some (quite frankly brilliant) advice on dressing for the party season, we impart some of our knowledge on women’s footwear for winter.

Boots should be an investment – cheap boots aren’t worth the hassle when it comes to the colder months, particularly with the winters we’ve been facing in recent years. There’s nothing worse than setting through some snow sludge to realise there’s a hole in your sole. Devastating. And because they’re an investment piece, you want to make sure they are going to be something that you’ll be happy to wear year on year. Aren’t too sure about the colour? Don’t get them. Only want them ‘cos you saw a celeb in them? Don’t get them. Think the heel might be ever so slightly too high? Don’t get them. Stick with something simple, something classic, in greys, blacks or browns, like these boots from House of Fraser.

Then of course, you’ve the height of the boots to consider – we’d tend to recommend you stay clear from ankle height (simply because of how high the snow can get!) or over knee (just ‘cos it reminds us of Kinky Boots). Any calf length is always a winner in our books as a general rule – again, it’s classic and it’s simple. Also worth bearing in mind is your other investment piece of the season – your coat. Together, they’ll be pretty much your outdoor uniform for the next couple of months, so ensure they work together. Remember – you don’t have to make a statement with either, and can let accessories do the work – after all, when else do you get to play around with scarves, gloves and hat in such abundance? Isn’t winter fun? Well, fun when you’re not trying to ice skate your way through the set of Heartbeat…

For more boots visit the House of Fraser site.