Men's Fashion Finds #31: Vrients | TQS Magazine

There are few designers, labels or shops that we fall in love with 100%. (Well, apart from maybe Raf Simons). It’s the nature of the beast – you’re not going to like everything, all the time. Your tastes change, Topman might insist on putting elbow patches onto everything for 18 months – these things happen. That’s until we stumbled across Vrients on Facebook.

We spoke to owner Matteo, who tells us Vrients aims to map the emerging style of men’s fashion – a ‘discrete’ approach to style, that aims to guide men into dressing well. Their online shop contains literally every single item of clothing we want in our wardrobe. Appealing to our soft spots for subtle greys, structure, and strong silhouettes, it’s a collection of designers you can tell someone’s taken their time over. From names we know (the glorious selection of  Rick Owens in particular) to a bunch of new fashion finds, it’s a place we can see ourselves spending a lot of time – if we ever moved to the east coast of Italy, that is.

Based in Civitanova Marche in Italy, you can tell the Italian style flairs running through the choice at Vrients – heavy leathers, thick knit and accessories that mean business. And if that’s not enough, take a look at their blog to indulge yourself further in all things Italian chic. Jealous? Us? Not in the slightest.

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