Fashion trends for men: it’s all about self-consciousness | TQS Magazine

In the past, fashion was mainly the domain of women. Designers created clothes for the female body, the magazines were filled with female models wearing the new styles, and the beauty industry saw women as their major target group buying makeup, jewelry or accessories. But in the last 15 years, the focus has changed. Boys, so to speak, took their stand in the fashion industry too, and through their clothes often express a very self-conscious attitude.

Popular sports stars like David Beckham, male musicians like Robbie Williams and designers have articulated and promoted their personal interest in fashion, and have thereby provided images and styles with which boys and men could identify.

The business style

In fact, the business style is probably the only area in fashion in which men play a dominant role. Since business is a major part of a successful man’s life, the business style is very widespread among young men. Inherently, business is associated with masculinity and the style reflects that very well. A suit, a tie and black leather shoes comes to mind immediately when thinking about business fashion.

The nerd style

Expressing one’s smartness can go hand in hand with expressing one’s sense of humor. The nerd style is a way to show both. The huge, black-rimmed glasses, the tight trousers, the colorful shirts, the fancy-looking shoes – all of these items add a trace of self-irony and fashion consciousness to a man.
Yet, to set oneself apart from all the other suits or nerds, accessories can help. For a man, this could be a ring, a scarf for the winter season, or a luxury watch. The latter is especially clever because it usually has a high value and expresses the man’s interest in high-quality fashion devices. And secondly, a watch is not necessarily seen as a decorative element because it fulfills a purpose. The watches of today do not simply show you the time, they also include stop watches, GPS devices, or illuminated watch faces. Especially the quadratically shaped Bell & Ross aviation watches make every man stand out. One can find more Bell & Ross models here. For the business style, however, it is advisable to wear a watch, which is more discreet and classy liek an Omega for instance.

Although fashion is no longer a purely female domain, men still have a long way to go. When it comes to outfits, they should be more confident regarding accessories, colors and fabrics. One well-meant advice for all men: Try to spice up your outfits, by adding one extraordinary accessory like ice watches a hat, a vest or a piece of jewelry.