Trinity 2.8 Days Later Film Challenge | TQS Magazine

On the 18th November commercial development Trinity Leeds and Leeds based production company Left Eye Blind teamed up to challenge 150 filmmakers to write, shoot and finish a short film in just under 3 days. 25 films were made as a result and on Thursday night TQS were invited along to the Media Choice Award judging panel, after a 3 hour screening session and much discussion/debate (and even more popcorn) we cast our votes – I won’t be giving anything away here as the winner will be announced at a special screening later in the year, I have however selected  3 of the shorts that really stood out:

Reflections by Lauren Pissochet

A combination of visual and performance art, Reflections is an abstract short rich in visual imagery and showcases accomplished technical ability. (Click still to watch)

Immersed by Ed Greenberg & Jordan Strange 

This short follows a desperately lonely man whose humdrum life is turned on its head by the discovery of a fantastical canal. With the strongest narrative of the films we saw, Immersed is an impressive piece of storytelling which powerfully examines one man’s lonliness with an original take on the set theme of reflections.  (Click still to watch)

Pop, Bubble, Wrap by Spike Stinson

An unashamedly whimsical short about the simple joy of popping bubble wrap, Pop, Bubble, Wrap is a charming film which would put a smile on the sourest of faces.  (Click still to watch)

Some of the films produced were truly impressive especially considering the time and budgetary (there was none) requirements, there were a few real shockers though but that’s to be expected with any short film collection. However, it’s not the spirit of the challenge to name and shame – go and watch them all and decide for yourself!

Trinity are also awarding a People’s Choice Award, to vote simply ‘like’ your choice on Facebook. You can watch all the short films on the Trinity Leeds Facebook Page