Where Is Riptide Filmed?

If you’ve been captivated by the gripping storyline of the British-Australian psychological thriller television series you might be interested to know where is Riptide filmed.

The series, notable for its depiction of the enigmatic disappearance of Alison Weston’s husband Sean while surfing, not only hooks viewers with its plot but also with its stunning settings.

Interestingly, ‘Riptide’ showcases the diverse and striking landscapes of Victoria, Australia.

A large portion of the production took place in Melbourne and nearby scenic regions, revealing the versatility of the location that perfectly captures the show’s chilling mood.

Melbourne’s nearby coastal villages, such as Mount Eliza, and the verdant Dandenong Ranges play a prominent role, presenting you with an array of breathtaking vistas, from tranquil beaches to lush forests, all of which are about an hour’s drive from the city.

Where Is Riptide Filmed?

You might be curious about the picturesque backdrops and vibrant settings seen in the series “Riptide”.

Let’s take a closer look at the filming locations that set the stage for this thrilling drama.

Coastal Areas

The captivating coastal scenes you see in “Riptide” are primarily filmed in Mount Eliza and along the Dandenong Ranges, areas known for their natural beauty.

Mount Eliza, a coastal village, sits snug between Frankston and Mornington.

This location offers a combination of sandy beaches and charming village aesthetics, providing a versatile backdrop for the series.


  • Ranelagh Beach: A local favorite for beach scenes.
  • Mornington Peninsula: Scenic coastal views perfect for dramatic sequences.

Studio Sets

When the cast and crew were not filming on location, they utilised the facilities at the Network 10 studios in Nunawading.

These studio sets allowed for a controlled environment to shoot various interior scenes.

Details include:

  • Location: Nunawading, a suburb of Melbourne.
  • Advantage: Flexibility in weather conditions and lighting.

Notable Filming Spots

Discover the splendid locations that brought the drama series Riptide to life.

From bustling tourist hubs to serene natural landscapes, these spots in Australia are not just settings, but characters in their own right.

Tourist Attractions

  • Mount Eliza: Nestled between Frankston and Mornington, this coastal village offers picturesque views and has been one of the show’s key locations.
  • Nunawading: Home to the Network 10 studios, some indoor scenes were filmed here, showing the intricate work of set design and production.

Natural Landscapes

  • Dandenong Ranges: Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the lush forests and scenic hills provided a natural backdrop for the series.
  • Ranelagh Beach: If you saw stunning beach scenes in Riptide, chances are they were filmed at this beautiful slice of the coast.

Production Challenges

Filming a series like “Riptide” can present a myriad of challenges.

You’ll find that weather and logistics are among the primary concerns during production.

Weather Dependencies

Australian weather, notably in Melbourne and Victoria, is known for being unpredictable.

Since “Riptideā€ was filmed across various outdoor locations, production was highly dependent on the right weather conditions.

Days could start sunny and turn inclement without much warning, which would disrupt shooting schedules and potentially delay scenes requiring natural lighting.

  • Shoot Schedule: Adjusted frequently due to weather changes.
  • Backup Plans: Critical for continued productivity during bad weather.

Logistical Considerations

The logistics of moving cast, crew, and equipment around multiple filming locations require careful planning.

For “Riptide,” shoots were situated around Melbourne and in suburb areas, such as the Dandenong Ranges.

  • Transportation: Ensuring everyone and everything arrived on time was crucial.
    CrewCoordinated travel schedules.
    EquipmentManaged safe transport and setup on location.
    CastArranged accommodations near set locations.
  • Location Access: Some areas were remote, challenging the delivery of necessary resources.
    • Access to private land, such as the Network 10 studios in Nunawading, required additional permissions and agreements.

Community Impact

When a TV series like Riptide is filmed in your area, you can expect some noticeable benefits to the local community, especially when it comes to the economy and cultural landscape.

Local Economy Benefits

  • Job Creation: The production of Riptide provided temporary employment opportunities for local actors, crew members, and extras.
    • This influx of jobs can have a cascading effect, supporting families and stimulating local spending.
  • Boost for Local Businesses: The presence of the film crew meant increased business for local establishments.
    • Hotels, restaurants, and rental services often see a significant uptick in usage during filming.

Cultural Significance

  • Increased Visibility: The decision to film Riptide in local Victorian settings like Melbourne and the coastal village of Mount Eliza has put these locations in the limelight, attracting more tourists who are eager to see the filming sites firsthand.
  • Community Pride: Being chosen as a filming location can instill a sense of pride among local residents.
    • Hosting a TV series contributes to the cultural narrative of the area and can enhance community spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: Riptide was primarily filmed in Victoria, Australia.Your on-screen journey includes the scenic coastal village of Mount Eliza, as well as areas within the picturesque Dandenong Ranges.
  • Proximity to Melbourne: Both Mount Eliza and the Dandenong Ranges are conveniently located roughly an hour’s drive from Melbourne.They offer a blend of beach views and mountainous landscapes.
  • Production Timeline: Filming took place over a few weeks in August 2022.This indicates a well-organized and succinct shooting schedule.
  • Principal Photography: Production also included shooting at the Network 10 studios in Nunawading, a suburb of Melbourne.This ensured a mix of studio and on-location shooting for authenticity.
  • Broadcast Details: Riptide aired on Channel 5 in the UK starting from 27 December 2022.It was also broadcast on Network 10 in Australia beginning 28 June 2023.