Where Is After Life Filmed?

If you want to know where is After Life filmed, keep on reading.

After Life, the thought-provoking and darkly comedic series written by and starring Ricky Gervais, is set in the fictional small town of Tambury.

While Tambury doesn’t exist on any map, the show’s creators have brought the town to life through a tapestry of real-world locations in England.

You might be surprised to know that the heartwarming and gritty feel of Tambury is actually captured in and around London, as well as several other towns not too far from the capital.

The majority of the exterior scenes you see are filmed in North London’s Hampstead.

This charming area provides the perfect backdrop with its quaint streets and serene landscapes.

When the characters step indoors, many of the scenes transition to the iconic Pinewood Studios, known for hosting productions of international acclaim.

You’ll find that Hemel Hempstead, Beaconsfield, and parts of East Sussex also serve as important filming sites that contribute to the unique look and feel of the show.

As you follow the story of Tony, played by Gervais, in his journey through love, loss, and life, the real-life filming locations might resonate with you, especially if you’re familiar with England’s scenic variety.

The series does an exceptional job at juxtaposing Tony’s personal journey with the everyday sights of these English towns, creating a relatable and immersive world for viewers.

Where is After Life Filmed?

The Netflix series After Life takes viewers to the fictional town of Tambury, bringing it to life through a blend of filming locations around England.

Hemel Hempstead

In the series, you’ll see Hemel Hempstead as Tambury.

This historic town in Hertfordshire is a pivotal setting for After Life, serving as the backdrop for many of the scenes that portray the day-to-day life of the show’s characters.


The charming town of Beaconsfield also plays a significant role.

Here, the production team captured several of the indoor scenes integral to the series’ narrative, providing a quaint and cozy feel that complements the story’s tone.

Camber Sands

For the beach scenes that offer a visual break from the townscapes, your eyes feast on Camber Sands.

This picturesque locale in East Sussex is where After Life showcases its more reflective moments by the sea.

Old Town

Lastly, a visit to Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town might feel familiar, thanks to After Life.

The historic streets and buildings here add authenticity and depth to Tambury, allowing you to fully immerse in the series’ setting.

Recurring Filming Spots

When you’re watching After Life, you’ve likely noticed the cozy feel of the town Tambury.

While Tambury itself isn’t a real place, the filming locations that bring the town to life certainly are.

Here’s where they’ve repeatedly brought the cameras:

  • Hemel Hempstead: A frequent stand-in for Tambury, this Hertfordshire town is crucial to the show’s setting.
  • Key scenes occur on its quaint High Street, transforming it into the bustling town center of Tambury
  • Key spots in Hemel Hempstead:
    • Tambury Gazette: This is the fictional newspaper where Tony works.
    • The building featured in the show is actually along Hemel Hempstead’s High Street.
    • Jordan’s Antique Centre: Another High Street feature, this is where many of After Life’s local business scenes take place.
  • Hampstead: Certain parts of Hampstead in London are used frequently for filming, owing to the area’s picturesque streets and the character they lend to the town of Tambury
  • Notable locations in Hampstead:
    • Vale of Health: The idyllic residential area provides the exterior of Tony’s house, becoming one of the most recognizable spots in the show.
  • Pinewood Studios: The home of many indoor scenes, these studios offer a controlled environment for the creation of various interior settings of After Life.

By visiting these spots, you might just feel like you’ve stepped right into the world of Tony and the other Tambury locals.

Just remember, while you can visit, the spirit of Tambury comes alive on screen thanks to the magic of filmmaking and the real-life charm of these locations.

Setting and Aesthetic Importance

When you watch “After Life,” you’re immediately transported to the quaint and picturesque surroundings of the fictional town of Tambury.

However, this charming setting is brought to life through various real-life locations around England, those which possess a unique aesthetic that’s integral to the storytelling of the series.

The primary filming location, Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, provides an authentic British small-town feel. With its:

  • Historic and well-preserved buildings
  • Lush green parks
  • Charming streets

The aesthetic importance of Hemel Hempstead mirrors the show’s blend of poignancy and dry wit.

By selecting a town that embodies quintessential British character, the producers of “After Life” offer you a visual experience that complements the emotional tone of the series.

In addition to Hemel Hempstead, other locations like Beaconsfield and parts of East London also contribute to the show’s atmosphere.

Pinewood Studios, known for its sprawling stages, is the backdrop for many indoor scenes.

Not only do these locations provide a visual treat, but they also serve to enhance the thematic elements of mourning and recovery.

The settings underscore the protagonist, Tony’s, journey – from coping with the loss of his wife to finding beauty in everyday life.

By meticulously selecting each locale, the creators ensure that these sceneries are not just backgrounds; they are storytellers on their own, reflecting Tony’s emotional landscape.

Impact on Local Communities

When your town becomes the backdrop for a popular TV show like “After Life,” it can significantly affect the community. Hemel Hempstead, the primary filming location for the show, has seen various impacts due to its starring role as the fictional town of Tambury.

Firstly, filming can boost local business. Restaurants, shops, and services often see increased patronage from the cast and crew. Here’s a quick list illustrating potential benefits:

  • Increased foot traffic in local businesses
  • Rental of properties and spaces for filming purposes
  • Employment opportunities for local residents as extras or in production support roles

Moreover, such attention can lead to tourism growth, with fans of the show eager to visit the real-life settings of their favorite scenes. Hemel Hempstead might have experienced more tourists curious to explore its charming streets and historic buildings, further benefiting local shops and hospitality businesses.

However, it’s important to consider the potential disruptions. Shooting days can lead to temporary closures of streets or businesses, which might inconvenience residents. But on the flip side, it offers a unique chance for the community to engage with the arts and experience the making of a TV series up close.

Local pride typically swells as residents watch their hometown represented on screen. Witnessing familiar places in “After Life” episodes often brings a sense of collective joy and community bonding.

Key Takeaways

  • Fictional Setting: The show ‘After Life’ is set in the quaint town of Tambury, which is a creation for the series.
  • Real-World Locations: Your visual journey in ‘After Life’ takes you through various real-world locations primarily in England. Notable among them are:
    • Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, capturing the essence of Tambury
    • Hampstead in North West London, providing scenic streets and quiet beauty
    • Pinewood Studios, where many of the indoor scenes come to life
  • Key Filming Spots: When you see the Tambury Gazette on screen, you’re looking at scenes filmed in Hemel Hempstead’s high street.
  • Not Just One Place: The filming locations are not limited to just one town.
  • Instead, you get to see a patchwork of filming spots, each adding its unique charm to the series.
  • Natural Beauty: The lush greenery and historic buildings around Hemel Hempstead and Beaconsfield play a significant role in creating the show’s atmosphere.

Remember, as you watch Tony navigate his everyday challenges, you’re also getting a tour through these picturesque English locales.