Where Is First Dates Filmed?

If you are curious about where is First Dates filmed, you might want to read this article further.

Curiosity about the location of the popular TV dating show ‘First Dates’ might have brought you here.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be interested to know that the show has found a new romantic backdrop.

The latest episodes take you to the historic city of Bath where the enchanting Octagon Chapel now serves as the venue for hopeful singles meeting for the first time.

This change of location for the 2024 series of ‘First Dates’ has brought fresh scenery to the screen.

The Octagon Chapel, a former place of worship, adds a unique charm and character to the show.

Not only does this location provide a visually appealing setting, but it also raises the question of whether fans can visit the same restaurant to experience the ambiance themselves.

The move to The Botanist Bar & Restaurant within the Chapel integrates a Grade II listed building into the show, giving it an air of history and elegance.

This boutique bar and restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience, which is sure not to disappoint whether you are looking for love or simply keen to enjoy the atmosphere captured by the show.

If visiting, expect to find a space that blends the format’s beloved dating adventures with the architectural and historical beauty that Bath is famous for.

Where Is First Dates Filmed?

Your favorite romantic series, First Dates, offers an intimate look at first dates between prospective couples, all set in intriguing and picturesque locations that add to the charm of the encounters.

UK Edition

The UK version of First Dates has shifted locations over its run. Until 2020, you’d have found the daters at the Paternoster Chop House in central London.

However, in recent series, the show has moved up north.

In 2023, First Dates found a new home at The Anthologist in St Peter’s Square, Manchester.

The 2024 series made another move, this time to the Grade II listed Octagon Chapel, housing The Botanist Bar & Restaurant in Bath, which was voted the UK’s most romantic city.

International Versions

The format of First Dates has been replicated internationally, but each with their unique local twist.

For the American audience, the series has been filmed at various locations across the country.

Other international versions like the Canadian and Australian First Dates have also tailored their filming locations to match the local allure and flavor of their respective cities.

Set Design and Ambiance

Exploring the carefully considered set design and ambiance lets you appreciate the immersive environment that ‘First Dates’ creates for its participants.

Interior Design Details

Upon entering The Botanist in Bath, you’ll find an eclectic mix of vintage charm and modern botanical aesthetics. Highlights include:

  • Plant life: Abundant greenery breathes life into the Grade II listed building, enhancing the ‘secret garden’ vibe.
  • Lighting: Intimate and soft lighting complements the flora, setting a warm, inviting tone.

Restaurant Setting Characteristics

The Botanist’s uniqueness stems from its careful balancing of spatial features that contribute to the overall ambiance:

  • Architecture: The Grade II listing denotes its historical significance, with original features preserved to add character.
  • Seating Arrangement: Private booths and strategically placed tables foster both privacy and community, perfect for daters to engage without distraction.

Behind The Scenes

In this section, you’ll get a glimpse into the dynamic efforts of the production crew and the intricacies of the filming process that bring the reality TV show ‘First Dates’ to life.

Production Crew

The production crew works diligently to create an ambiance that not only complements the tone of the show but also ensures participants are at ease.

They are tasked with several aspects of production, such as setting up equipment, managing the set, and coordinating all the moving parts of each episode.

Filming Process

Cameras are strategically placed throughout the venue to capture the dates from multiple angles without interrupting the natural flow of conversation.

Every aspect, from lighting to sound capture, is meticulously managed to preserve the authenticity of the daters’ interactions while providing a high-quality viewing experience for the audience.

Viewer Engagement

As a fan of “First Dates,” you’ll find that engaging with the show extends beyond the screen.

From social media buzz to participating in the show’s charming encounters, you become a part of the series’ romantic landscape.

Social Media Interaction

Engage with “First Dates” on your favorite platforms as episodes air.

Twitter and Instagram come alive with #FirstDates, allowing you to share your thoughts and connect with others.

Keep an eye out for exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and don’t miss the opportunity to interact with tweets from the cast and fellow viewers.

  • Twitter: Live-tweet your reactions and join the conversation.
  • Instagram: Experience the romantic ambiance with curated images and stories.

Audience Participation

Your chance to step into the spotlight is just an application away.

If you’ve ever fancied being on “First Dates,” keep an eye on the show’s official pages for casting calls.

With the series’ move to the enchanting The Botanist Bar & Restaurant in Bath, you could be dining in a location steeped in romance.

  • Casting Calls: Check Channel 4’s website for the latest opportunities.
  • The Experience: Imagine sharing a meal in the very place where love stories unfold on screen.

Key Takeaways

  • New Location: The latest filming of First Dates is at The Botanist in Bath.
    • The show was there during the summer of 2023 for its tenth series.
  • Historical Venue: The Botanist is set within the Grade II listed Octagon Chapel.
    • It offers a mix of rich history with a modern dining experience.
  • Can You Visit? Yes, The Botanist is open to visitors.
    • You can dine in the same space where First Dates is filmed and enjoy the ambiance.
Filming LocationThe Botanist, Bath
Building StatusGrade II listed building
Availability for GuestsYes, it’s open for public dining
Series PremiereFilming occurred in summer 2023
  • Menu Highlights: Expect British cuisine like steak tartare and beer-battered cod.
    • You’ll also find classics like parsnip soup and rhubarb and apple crumble.
  • Accessibility: Originally, the show was filmed in London.
    • Now, it has moved to Bath, making the new series accessible to fans in and around the city.