Where Is Yellowstone Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the “Yellowstone” series, you might be curious about where is Yellowstone filmed that set the dramatic scene for the Dutton family’s ranch life.

The show takes you into the heart of the rural American West with its captivating landscapes.

“Yellowstone” primarily films on location in Montana, where the rugged terrain and wide-open skies are as central to the series as the characters themselves.

Montana’s Chief Joseph Ranch serves as the primary setting for the Dutton family’s home.

This working cattle ranch, with its picturesque views and historic buildings, provides a realistic backdrop that heightens the authenticity of the series.

If you’ve ever imagined visiting the ranch, it’s worth noting that not only is it a key filming location but also a place where you can book a stay and soak in the real-world atmosphere of the show.

While much of the action is firmly rooted in Montana, Yellowstone’s tale spreads across state lines. Some scenes take you out of Montana to parts of Utah and even Texas.

These locations are seamlessly woven into the narrative, illustrating the expansive reach of the Dutton family’s influence and the broader canvas of the American West where the story unfolds.

Where Is Yellowstone Filmed?

The popular series Yellowstone has captivated audiences with its dramatic portrayal of family and power dynamics set against the backdrop of sprawling ranches and natural beauty.

If you’ve been intrigued by the show’s scenic filming locations, you’d be interested to know that while the series is set in Montana, the first three seasons were primarily filmed in Utah.

Utah’s Role:

  • Seasons 1 to 3: Approximately 70-75% of these seasons were filmed across Utah.
  • The state’s diverse landscape doubled effectively for Montana’s vistas.
  • Key Locations: Prominent Utah sites include Park City, known for its cinematic history.

Montana Steps In:

  • Seasons 4 and onwards: The show shifted its primary filming location to Montana starting from the fourth season.
  • Chief Joseph Ranch: This ranch located in Darby, Montana, serves as the fictional Dutton family home. It is an active ranch adding authenticity to the show.
  • Missoula: In the city of Missoula, you might recognize Ryman Street and Ruby’s Café from on-screen shootouts and pivotal scenes.

The choice to film in these places showcases the beauty and grandeur of America’s western terrain, immersing you fully into the world of Yellowstone and its characters.

Whether you’re watching scenes from the bustling streets of Missoula or the wide-open ranges of the Chief Joseph Ranch, you can appreciate the careful selection of filming locations that bring the story to life.

Production Insights

If you’ve been swept up in the dramatic vistas of Yellowstone, you’re witnessing the visual storytelling that comes from meticulous location choices.

Your favorite characters navigate challenges not just in a TV studio’s creation, but within real, breathing landscapes.

  • Initial Seasons: Early on, from seasons 1 to 3, despite the show’s Montana setting, a significant portion took place in the diverse Utah terrains, including areas surrounding Salt Lake City.
  • Montana Takes Over: By the fourth season, filmmakers shifted their primary location to Montana to deepen the authenticity of the show’s setting.

Imagine the rugged peaks of the state’s mountain ranges as you see scenes set at iconic spots like the Chief Joseph Ranch.

Known for its historic significance, this ranch serves a dual life as both a guest ranch and the fictional Dutton family home.

Situated in Darby, near the Bitterroot Valley, it’s where the spirit of the show truly comes to life.

Moreover, while viewers familiarize themselves with the Yellowstone Dunton Ranch and its surroundings, it’s interesting to note that additional shooting locations are publicly accessible, offering you a chance to step into the world of Yellowstone.

Remember, the real ranch and natural backdrops are more than just a setting—they’re a silent narrator for the show, sharing tales through their landscapes.


Your favorite scenes of the Dutton family drama unfold against vast, picturesque backdrops.

Are you curious about where Yellowstone, the acclaimed TV series, is brought to life?

From the early seasons up to the third, Utah was the hub for production—a surprising fact, given the show’s title.

Scenes were predominantly shot across the state, from the lush Salt Lake Valley to the scenic Park City.

Transitioning into the later episodes, the series shifted its filming location to Montana.

Now, when you watch Kevin Costner mount his horse, you’re glimpsing the authentic terrain of Montana, including Missoula, and areas around the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Quick Facts:

  • Initial Filming: Utah (Seasons 1-3; about 70-75%)
  • Later Filming: Montana (Announced shift in 2020)
  • Notable Location: Bitterroot Valley, Darby

In Missoula, your eagle eyes might recognize Ryman Street and Ruby’s Café, especially if the thundering shootout scene is fresh in your memory.

As the series continues to explore the lives of the Dutton family, Montana’s rugged expanse steals the spotlight and anchors the show’s visual storytelling.

Discover the authentic cowboy lifestyle that Yellowstone portrays by visiting the real ranch in Montana.

Here, life imitates art as the working cattle ranch buzzes with activity, similar to the on-screen depiction.

So next time you’re tuned in, remember, the drama might be scripted, but those rolling hills and rustic landscapes are the real deal.

Impact On Local Areas

When your favorite show, Yellowstone, comes to town, it doesn’t just bring the drama and excitement of the Dutton family to your screen, but also a flurry of activity to the filming locations.

Here’s how the filming has influenced local areas:

  • Economic Benefits: You’ll find that production injects significant money into local economies.
    • In places like Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork, the presence of the Yellowstone crew means business for local hotels, restaurants, and other services that cater to the cast and crew.
  • Tourism Growth: With the show’s popularity, fans often flock to filming sites like the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana.
    • This interest boosts tourism, putting the spotlight on these towns and offering new opportunities for community engagement and tourism-related activities.
  • Employment Opportunities: The production also offers temporary, yet impactful, employment opportunities for local professionals and support staff.
    • From construction workers crafting the set to local actors filling in as extras, these jobs are highly valued in smaller communities.
  • Cultural Exchange: Hosting a production like Yellowstone allows for a cultural exchange, as residents mingle with individuals from different backgrounds all collaborating on the project.
    • This can foster a sense of community pride and promote cultural understanding.
  • Local Business Participation: Businesses may find new opportunities in catering services or providing local crafts and goods as production props, adding to their income and exposure.
    • Remember, these impacts can vary, and while economic benefits are common, each community experiences the influence of a major production like Yellowstone differently.

Fan Visiting Sites

If you’re a fan of the TV series Yellowstone, you might be thrilled to know that you can visit the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana.

This location is the heart of the series and serves as the Dutton family’s Yellowstone Ranch.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Location Tours: Although the ranch is private property, it operates as a guest ranch.
    • You might be able to tour the site when it is not being used for filming.
  • Lodging Options: Secure a booking at the ranch’s guest cabins. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the world of the Duttons, surrounded by the stunning Montana landscape.
  • Scenic Views: The ranch is near the Bitterroot Valley with Trapper Peak on the horizon – perfect for picturesque photos or simply enjoying nature.

Preparing for Your Visit:

  1. Check availability in advance; filming schedules might affect accessibility.
  2. Respect private property and only explore areas open to visitors.
  3. Consider visiting surrounding areas such as Yellowstone National Park for a complete experience.

Remember, nearby towns like Darby offer their own charm, so make sure you explore the local community and support small businesses during your trip.

Enjoy your visit to the home of the Dutton family, and take plenty of memories from this iconic landscape!

Key Takeaways

  • Montana’s Picturesque Landscapes: You can recognize Montana’s beautiful scenery as a significant backdrop in ‘Yellowstone.’
    • Locations throughout the state, including Missoula and the valleys and foothills, set the stage for the series.
  • Missoula’s Urban Scenes: Key urban scenes have been filmed in Missoula, notably the shoot-out at Ruby’s Café. Feel free to visit Ryman Street for a firsthand glimpse of the setting.
  • Chief Joseph Ranch: This ranch in Darby, Montana, is not just a filming location but a character in itself.
    • Yellowstone films extensively here, representing the Dutton family ranch.
  • Diverse Filming Locations: Early in production, Utah cities like Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork played a role, but Montana is now the central filming location, providing authenticity to the show.
  • Cultural Representation: Scenes depicting the fictional Broken Rock Indian Reservation were filmed at the Crow Indian Reservation, ensuring cultural elements of the region are included.

Remember, while Yellowstone creates a vivid portrayal of ranch life and Montana’s landscape, not all scenes are filmed on location and studio settings are also used to bring the narrative to life.