Where Is Last Of The Summer Wine Filmed?

If you’re a fan of classic British comedies, you may be familiar with the picturesque landscapes and charming streets and think where is Last of the Summer Wine filmed.

Set in the rural beauty of Yorkshire, England, this beloved sitcom brought the adventures of a group of young-at-heart pensioners to the world.

Your curiosity about the real-life backdrop of the series takes you to the quaint town of Holmfirth, within the Kirklees borough of West Yorkshire.

Here, the show’s humorous escapades were brought to life, including the iconic Sid’s Cafe and the winding country lanes that became synonymous with the series.

Wandering through Holmfirth, you might catch a glimpse of familiar scenes around every corner.

From the gentle hills to the stone-built houses, the town retains the charm that made it the perfect setting for the longest-running comedy in Britain – a landscape that undeniably became as much a character in the show as the lovable trio themselves.

Where Is Last Of The Summer Wine Filmed?

Discover the charming locations that became the backdrop for the beloved British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.


Your journey into the world of Last of the Summer Wine begins in Holmfirth, a picturesque town in West Yorkshire.

This was the primary setting for the series, spotlighting its quaint streets and the surrounding countryside.

The town’s ambiance matches the gentle humor of the show perfectly, allowing you to feel as if you’ve stepped right into the on-screen world.

Sid’s Cafe

As you explore Holmfirth, you cannot miss Sid’s Cafe, an iconic location from Last of the Summer Wine.

Now a popular tourist spot, you can visit this cafe to enjoy a bite and soak in the nostalgia of the series, reminiscing where the characters shared many light-hearted moments.

Significant Filming Sites

Discovering the charming filming locations of “Last of the Summer Wine” allows you to step directly into the quaint settings featured in the long-running British sitcom.

Nora Batty’s Cottage

Location: 28 Huddersfield Rd, Holmfirth HD9 2JS, United Kingdom

Highlight: As the fictional home of the iconic character Nora Batty, the cottage has become synonymous with the series.

You can easily spot its stone facade and famous steps, where numerous comedic scenes unfolded.

The White Horse Pub

Location: Scholes Rd, Jackson Bridge, Holmfirth HD9 1LY, United Kingdom

Details: Recognized as one of the local haunts for the show’s characters, The White Horse Pub is a real-life establishment where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere that was often featured on-screen.

It provided a backdrop for many of the characters’ shenanigans.

Scenic Backdrops

Your journey through the setting of “Last of the Summer Wine” will take you across the visually stunning landscapes that form the sitcom’s backdrop.

Holme Valley

In the heart of the Pennines, you’ll find the Holme Valley, a central filming location for the series.

The valley, with its rolling hills and quaint English charm, brought the village of Holmfirth to life on screen.


The Pennines, often described as the “backbone of England,” provided a dramatic and natural setting with its rugged moors and scenic vistas that complemented the comedic elements of the show.

On-Location Sets versus Studios

When you think of Last of the Summer Wine, you might imagine the charming countryside and the quaint town that feels almost like a character itself.

This is because the series masterfully balances on-location filming with carefully crafted indoor sets.

Outdoors Filming

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, is the heart of the outdoor filming for Last of the Summer Wine.

This picturesque town offered real-life backdrops that brought authenticity to the series.

Notably, Nora Batty’s steps and the White Horse Pub in Hepworth have become iconic locations.

You can actually visit these places and walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters.

Here’s a list of some notable outdoor filming spots:

  • The White Horse Pub: A key location that appeared regularly on the show.
  • Nora Batty’s Steps: The famous steps outside her house.
  • Sid’s Cafe: A central location in the series that also served as a rendezvous point for characters.

Indoor Sets

The series also used indoor sets for scenes that required controlled environments and lighting.

These sets allowed the production team to control environment and lighting conditions for a more consistent look.

For example, the cosy interiors of the characters’ homes were crafted to reflect their personalities and provide a familiar setting for viewers. Indoor set locations include:

  • Clegg’s Home: The interior was a studio set designed to match the exterior shots of Scarfold.
  • Compo’s Home: These scenes were carefully constructed on sound stages to replicate the feel of the character’s residence.

Tourism and Legacy

Your journey through the heartwarming legacy of “Last of the Summer Wine” isn’t just about reliving the iconic scenes; it’s also about experiencing the quaint Yorkshire charm that enveloped the series.

From dedicated exhibitions to guided tours, the show’s impact on tourism continues to celebrate its cultural significance.

Summer Wine Exhibition

If you’re a fan, the Summer Wine Exhibition in Holmfirth is your treasure trove.

It showcases memorabilia and props, giving you a tangible piece of the series to hold onto.

Here’s a quick glimpse into what you can expect:

Location Tours

  • Original Costumes: Get up close with the outfits worn by your favorite characters.
  • Props and Photos: Discover behind-the-scenes secrets through a collection of show paraphernalia.

Imagine walking the same streets as Compo, Clegg, and Foggy.

Location Tours offer this unique opportunity.

You can visit various filming sites, including:

  • Sid’s Café: The infamous café from the series, still serving tea and nostalgia.
  • Nora Batty’s Cottage: Pose for a picture outside the iconic steps of TV’s most formidable housewife.

By visiting these sites, you help preserve the legacy and contribute to local businesses that thrive on the show’s enduring popularity.

Key Takeaways

Filming Locations For Last Of The Summer Wine

  • The White Horse Pub: Experience the cozy atmosphere of the White Horse Pub in Hepworth, West Yorkshire, a charming location prominently featured in the series.
  • Clegg’s House: Discover Scarfold in Holmfirth, within Kirklees, and envision the life of the beloved character Clegg in his home setting.
  • Nora Batty’s Steps: Walk down South Lane in Holmfirth and stand on the very steps that Nora Batty made famous with her formidable presence.

Using Resources to Visit:

  • Maps and Guides: Utilize available maps, like Google My Maps, and detailed guides on dedicated websites such as www.summerwine.net to get precise locations and images for an enriching visit.

Visual Tours:

  • YouTube Vlogs: Watch travel vlogs and virtual tours on YouTube.
  • They give you a sneak peek into the real-world backdrops of this iconic show.
  • Satellite Imagery: Engage with satellite views to gain a broader perspective.
  • They help you understand the terrain and layout of the locations that shaped the series.