Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed?

If you are a fan, you might be curious where is The Last Kingdom filmed.

The Last Kingdom is a historical drama series set in the late 9th century.

The show, acclaimed for its storytelling and cinematography, pulls you into an era where England was splintered into separate kingdoms.

The filming locations are diverse and play a crucial role in bringing authenticity to the screen.

While you might have wandered through the episodes following the journey of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the main character, the panoramic vistas and fortress backdrops might have sparked your curiosity about the real-world locations that set the stage for this saga.

The lush landscapes and imposing architecture that you see are predominantly located in Hungary, including a man-made lake and various historic spots in Pest County, which stand in for early medieval England.

In addition to Hungary, parts of the series showcase Poland’s scenic vistas, contributing to the show’s rich visual tapestry.

The popular series “The Last Kingdom” brings to life the tale of Uhtred of Bebbanburg amidst a war-shattered England.

With its rich historical backdrop, the filming locations are as immersive as they are picturesque.

You’ll find the setting stretching from the rugged Northumberland coastline to the historical city of Winchester.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle stands as the real-life counterpart to Uhtred’s ancestral home of Bebbanburg.

Located atop a volcanic outcrop on the Northumberland coast, Bamburgh Castle offers stunning views which make it easy to see why it’s chosen as a primary filming location.

Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland Coast is a frequent filming spot, featuring its natural beauty and wide beaches.

This coastline, with its dramatic cliffs and dunes, serves as the backdrop for many of the outdoor scenes within the series.


Parts of “The Last Kingdom” are shot in Bristol, specifically the Ashton Gatehouse, which is a medieval gatehouse in Ashton Court Estate.

Its historic buildings provide an authentic setting for the series’ depiction of medieval England.


Although set in the city of Winchester, actual filming does not take place in modern-day Winchester.

Instead, Hungarian locations such as the reconstructed village at Göböljárás substitute for the city.

Film sets near Budapest, including sets owned by Korda Studios, create the medieval cityscapes you see on screen.

Wales Filming Spots

You’ll find some of The Last Kingdom‘s most scenic shots were captured in the heart of Wales.

The landscapes here provided a rich tapestry that added authentic historical ambience to the series.

Saint David’s Cathedral

Located in Pembrokeshire, Saint David’s Cathedral has been a site of pilgrimage and worship for many centuries, making it a fitting backdrop for the series.

Its stunning architecture and historical significance offer a real sense of immersion into the era.


Caerwent, an ancient Roman town in South Wales, is known for its well-preserved ruins.

You can walk through the remains of walls and buildings, which serve as poignant relics mirroring the clash of cultures depicted in The Last Kingdom.

Hungary Filming Spots

Hungary has been the central hub for the production of “The Last Kingdom,” with most scenes filmed just outside the vibrant city of Budapest and the town of Etyek.


The outskirts of Budapest serve as a versatile backdrop for various scenes.

A sizeable 8-acre set located near the city has been meticulously crafted to recreate the medieval landscapes and settlements that bring the series to life.

Notably, the areas around Korda Studio have been transformed into the very essence of Britain during the show’s storyline.


In Etyek, known as Hungary’s wine village and just a short drive from the capital, this location played a significant role in the series.

Here, production made use of the Korda Filmpark at Korda Studios, which provided the necessary infrastructure and technology to represent different historical periods succinctly.

The studio’s backlot facilitated several dynamic scenes, immersing viewers into the narrative’s vibrant and sometimes dark historical world.

Scotland Filming Spots

You’ll find the captivating scenery of Scotland featured prominently in The Last Kingdom.

The natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands lends an authentic, rugged backdrop to the show.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond, a jewel in the Scottish crown, has appeared in the series as a picturesque setting.

Its expansive, serene waters coupled with the impressive Ben Lomond mountain nearby, provide an outstanding landscape that you might recognize from scenes depicting a sense of calm or reflection in the series.


Moving to the frosty heart of the Cairngorms National Park, Aviemore is another location that’s hard to miss.

It’s well-known for its forest paths, outdoor activities, and particularly for the snow-capped mountains that dominate the skyline, adding to the drama of The Last Kingdom with every panoramic shot.

Additional Filming Locations

While Hungary has been the primary filming location for The Last Kingdom, especially at Korda Studios near Budapest, there are other spots where the production team has brought the series to life.

Here’s a brief glimpse at some additional locations used throughout the series.

  • Bamburgh Castle, England: This iconic castle perched on the Northumberland coastline stands in for Bebbanburg.
    • Its rugged charm perfectly embodies the ancestral home of the protagonist, Uhtred.
  • Durham Cathedral, England: For scenes requiring an authentic church backdrop, this Norman-era cathedral serves as a striking location.
    • The aesthetic of the cathedral helps viewers transport back in time.
  • North York Moors, England: Stretching across a vast area, the moors provide a scenic and untamed landscape that has been utilized for numerous outdoor scenes, mimicking the untamed lands from the series.
  • Wales: Various locations across Wales have been used to depict the lush and diverse countryside of England during the early Middle Ages.
    • The natural beauty of Wales complements the series’ need for wild and rural scenes.

Key Takeaways

  • Primary Filming Location: Your virtual journey through The Last Kingdom primarily takes you to Hungary, where most of the series was filmed.
    • The countryside and studios near Budapest provided a versatile backdrop for the show.

  • Korda Studios: A significant portion of the action was shot on an elaborate 8-acre set owned by Korda Studios.
    • Here, a man-made lake was used for scenes that required a waterscape, giving you those dramatic coastal moments without ever leaving the studio lot.

  • Historical Accuracy: To help you place the series in a real-world context, maps and explanations of the major locations depicted in the series exist.
    • This ensures that you have the geographical grounding to follow the storyline.

  • Other Locations: While much of the series was filmed in Hungary, there are occasions where other locations stepped in.
    • For example, to capture the essence of the Viking homelands, parts of the series were filmed in the scenic Norwegian fjords.