Where Is Emmerdale Survival Week Filmed?

“Where is Emmerdale Survival Week filmed?” is the lingering question of the fans of the UK soap opera. With each season, Emmerdale only brings new challenges, and Survival Week is no different. Moreover, the outdoor theme of this part of the series makes everyone wonder, ‘how did such menacing locations come to be?’

Emmerdale Survival Week is filmed in different locations around Stockton, California, in the UK. Its water rapids scenes were shot at Tees Barrage International White Water Center in Teesside, England. Also, the stunning waterfall scene was shot in Teesside at the High Force Waterfall, Middleton. The crew shot the terrifying maze settings in Leeds with some filming in Brimham rocks. 

Survival Week would have never been what it became if not for the perfect survival-themed settings. You just have to keep reading for more fun facts to answer the question, ‘where is Emmerdale Survival Week filmed?’ 

What Is Emmerdale Survival Week?

Emmerdale is one series that has been with us for centuries and still hasn’t run out of intrigue. Since 1972, various producers, executive producers, and writers have kept the series alive. It presently has over 9,000 episodes making it one of the longest most-loved British soap operas. If you’re looking for the film locations of the Emmerdale series you can find them here.

An unforgettable part of this series is the Emmerdale Survival Week which ITV – its original network – promises to be massive. The show features characters who set out on their survival challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. Viewers watch as they leave the comfort of their homes to catch some fun in the wild.

However, their joyful moments end when they encounter the water rapids and have to struggle for their lives. Also, a killer – Meena – is also out for them; from the looks of it, anyone could be next. The story unfolds into a terrifying drama that leaves everyone fighting for their lives.

Locations Where Emmerdale Survival Week Is Filmed

Teesside, England

Anyone wondering, “Where is Emmerdale Survival Week filmed?” is undoubtedly captivated by its chilling settings. Emmerdale’s survival week was filmed in several locations throughout Teesside, as well as a location near Harrogate.

One location is the Tees Barrage in Stockton-on-Tees, which houses the river and rapids sequences. It hosted a part of the series that put many people in grave danger. Tees Barrage remains one of the most impressive settings in the show.

Throughout survival week, the waterfall is another eye-catching scene shown many times in the programmes. For this scene, filming took place at the High Force waterfall in Middleton, Teesside.


Some series scenes were filmed on a purpose-built set at the Leeds Studios. The maize maze scene, which marvelled viewers, is confirmed to be a purpose-built set in this location. The studio plotted this setting for over five months using architectural expertise and GPS.

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks, a National Trust property about eight miles from Harrogate, was also used for filming.


Now, you should have answers to, ‘where is Emmerdale Survival Week filmed?’ Do you want to check out where those horrific scenes played out? You can begin today – they are actually lovely and welcoming locations.