Where Is Hope Street Filmed?

Have you ever watched U.K. crime drama series and wondered where is Hope Street filmed?

Hope Street, a British crime drama captivating viewers with its blend of mystery and intrigue, uses the scenic backdrop of Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, to bring its stories to life.

This coastal town, with its iconic lighthouse and bustling harbor, serves as the primary canvas for the series.

When you watch Hope Street, you’re seeing the real-life charm of Donaghadee translated on screen, giving the fictional Port Devine a sense of authenticity that only a true Northern Irish town can offer.

Your curiosity about the filming locations of Hope Street can lead you to explore the picturesque settings used for the show.

The harbor, the lighthouse, and even the Copeland Gin distillery are not just set-pieces but are integral to the character of the series.

They add a layer of realism to the fictional Port Devine, creating an immersive experience as you follow each episode’s self-contained crime story.

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Donaghadee, you’ll be walking the very paths where the cast, which includes names like Des McAleer and Amara Karan, breathe life into the compelling stories of Hope Street.

By visiting, you not only enjoy the sites but also step into a world shaped by the drama’s narrative—a unique blend of fiction and reality that defines the essence of the show’s setting.

Where is Hope Street Is Filmed

Hope Street captures the charm of a tight-knit coastal community with its engaging crime drama narrative. The filming takes place in a picturesque location that offers an authentic taste of Northern Ireland.

Main Setting

The primary location for Hope Street is Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland. This coastal town provides the perfect backdrop for the fictional town of Port Devine, with its notable lighthouse and scenic harbor setting the scene.

  • Lighthouse: Iconic landmark featured in the series.
  • Harbor: Offers a quintessential coastal ambiance.

Secondary Sites

While Donaghadee serves as the main filming site, various other locations around the town are utilized to bring the fictional Port Devine to life. These include:

  • Copeland Gin Distillery: Represents local industry.
  • Town streets and local businesses: Help to create a believable and endearing small-town atmosphere.

Production Details

In the creation of the TV series “Hope Street,” you’ll discover that the filming took place in a specific location and was brought to life by a collaboration of talented producers and production companies.


Your curiosity about the team behind “Hope Street” leads to a handful of notable producers.

Although specific names of the producers are not detailed in the provided information, it’s typical for producers to play critical roles in managing the series’ production aspects.

Production Companies

As for the production companies that shaped “Hope Street,” the available details do not specify which companies were involved.

Production companies typically handle the logistics, financing, and distribution required to bring a series like “Hope Street” to your screen.

Cast Information

You’ll find a talented ensemble cast in “Hope Street,” with actors hailing predominantly from the area local to the filming location.

Let’s take a closer look at the lead and supporting roles that bring this Northern Irish crime drama to life.

Lead Actors

  • Amara Karan as DC Leila Hussain: Your new arrival in the fictional town of Port Devine, with a storyline that draws you in from the start.
  • Ciarán McMenamin portrays Inspector Finn O’Hare: He plays a central role in the series, with McMenamin’s performance described as “amazing.”

Supporting Roles

  • Kerri Quinn plays Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew: Kerri Quinn delivers a strong performance, capturing your attention as a character with an edge.
  • Other notable actors include Niall WrightDes McAleerBríd BrennanAaron McCusker, and Niamh McGrady, who contribute to the tightly-knit community feel of the show.

Broadcast and Reception

In discussing “Hope Street,” you’ll find that its initial airing times and the feedback from audiences and critics are quite insightful.

Initial Air Date

“Hope Street” premiered on BBC One Northern Ireland in November 2021.

Subsequently, it was broadcasted across other regions of the United Kingdom in January 2022.

Critical Response

Critically, “Hope Street” was met with a favorable response for its engaging storytelling and charm.

Viewers appreciated the coastal settings and the depth of the fictional town of Port Devine, which brought a unique flavor to the crime drama genre.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Location: Your favorite British crime serial drama, Hope Street, is filmed in the captivating town of Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland.
  • Scenic Spots: You’ll recognize the beautiful harbour and lighthouse—these spots frequently grace the screen and have become synonymous with the show’s aesthetic.
  • Local Highlights: In Donaghadee, you can also find the Copeland Gin distillery, an establishment that embodies the town’s charm and adds an authentic touch to the setting of the show.
  • Dining and Drinks:
    • Visit Pier 36: Known on Hope Street as The Commodore pub, this family-run restaurant offers a front-row view of the harbor.
    • It’s a perfect spot to envisage scenes from the series while enjoying local seafood or a drink.

Remember, Donaghadee isn’t just a backdrop for Hope Street; its picturesque qualities and local landmarks play an integral role in bringing the drama to life.

Whether you’re a fan wanting to stroll through the same locations as the cast or simply looking for a serene coastal getaway, this town is worth the visit.