Where Is Hope Street Filmed?

Where is Hope Street filmed? The warm-hearted UK detective drama set on a stunning seaside is a favourite show for many viewers. It’s based on Leila Hussain, a Muslim officer and the cases she solves in the town with the local police.

Hope Street is filmed in Donaghadee, in Northern Island. It was filmed in a fictional town called Port Devine. Some memorable settings in Donaghadee used in Hope Street are its harbour and lighthouse on the shore of the Irish Sea. Pier 36 restaurant on the harbour is another important location for the show.

If you’ve never heard of Hope Street, here is some information about it.

What Is Hope Street?

Hope Street is a detective series filmed in Donaghadee, North Ireland, broadcasted all over the UK and North America. It stars actors primarily sourced from and around Donaghadee, such as Kerri Quinn, CiarĂ¡n McMenamin, Amara Karan, and Niamh McGrady.  

The detective series depicts the life of DC Leila Hussain in the fictional town of Port Devine. She’s just transferred to the area to help in a top-secret investigation but can’t share that with other officers. Sgt Pettigrew (Kerri Quinn) is suspicious of Leila, while PC McCarthy ( Niall Wright) has a crush on her.

Inspector Finn O’Hare is the only one who knows about Leila exposing arm dealers in Nottingham. He keeps her past a secret as they join forces to solve crimes in Port Devine.

Hope Street also depicts Leila’s journey as the first Muslim officer in Donaghadee. Each episode in the series features a crime story that DC Hussain and fellow police officers solve. Fans will appreciate Leila’s journey as she tries to make a name for herself in the sleepy seaside town.

Locations Where Hope Street Is Filmed

The town of Port Devine in Hope Street may be fictional, but the locations it’s filmed at in Donaghadee are not. Some of the memorable locations in the show are;

1. B&B By The Sea

B & B by the Sea, a guest house on the Antrim Coast, is a central location in the Hope Street series. That’s where Leila went to stay after coming to Port Devine.

Concepta, Inspector Finn’s mother, runs the bed and breakfast. She ends up being the best source of information on anything exciting happening in the area. We witness many heart-warming scenes as Leila gets to know Officer Finn’s 2 children.

2. Pier 36

Pier 36 is a quaint restaurant on Donaghadee where scenes on The Commodore Restaurant are filmed. It is a family-run seafood restaurant and guesthouse on the Donaghadee Harbour.

Fans of Hope Street will remember the scenes at Commodore where DC Hussain and her colleagues witnessed Clint and Nicole’s wedding. It’s the same place where they witness drama between the couples after their honeymoon.

3. Donaghadee Harbour

Donaghadee Harbour is the setting for many scenes in the show. Some that stand out are the quarrels between Sgt Pettigrew and Leila. The lighthouse in Donaghadee Harbour also acts as a beautiful backdrop as the police officers from Hope police station solve cases.


Now you know the answer to “Where is Hope Street filmed?” The gripping detective drama set in the beautiful backdrop of Northern Ireland is a must-watch.

Season 2 just got commissioned. Fans look forward to knowing what happened to Inspector Finn O’Hare after the tense ending in Season 1. Watch Hope Street on BBC 1 and BritBox to find out.