Where Is Virgin River Filmed?

The cosy small-town drama of Virgin River makes fans wonder: Where is Virgin River filmed? Though the town of Virgin River is entirely fictional, the charming locations are real. And fans in the UK and worldwide are curious to know more about them. So, where exactly can you find the place this dramatic series refers to as “Virgin River”? 

Virgin River was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the UK. Though the initial plan was to set it in Northern California, the spots in Vancouver, British Columbia, proved perfect. The crew filmed the breathtaking view of the river in Snug Cove on Bowen Island. Virgin River also had scenes in Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, and other locations around Vancouver.

One secret of Virgin River’s fame was its ability to draw fans into craving a place in the warm town. Now you’ll figure out where you can find this place with answers to ‘where is Virgin River filmed?’ 

What Is Virgin River?

Virgin River has the touch of romance and drama everybody wants to see on set. Another masterpiece from Robyn Carr, the series premiered in 2019, delicately blends comedy into the captivating story of a nurse. In an attempt for a fresh start, Mel Monroe moves to the town of Virgin River, where her new life begins. 

However, what she meets in the town is not what she expects, a community more hostile than she imagined. When Mel gets uncomfortable with the living conditions, she is ready to pack everything and leave. At this point, even Jack Sheridan, a former U.S. Marine to who she’s attracted, cannot change her mind.

The film takes a sudden twist when an unknown person abandons a newborn baby on Doc’s front porch. Mel may be unable to resist the temptation as she’s caught between her responsibility as a nurse and leaving town. Soon, she realises more of herself than she knew and makes a home in the town she least expected.

Locations Where Virgin River Is Filmed


The primary filming location of the series is in Vancouver. Hence, for those wondering, “Where is Virgin River filmed?” you might not find a place called Virgin River – it’s fictional. However, you can find the charming make-up of the town in Vancouver, British Columbia, and its surrounding areas.

All episodes were shot in Vancouver, even though the fictional town is in northern California. The town’s landmarks, such as Jack’s bar, Doc’s clinic, and Mel’s cottage, may be found across Vancouver.

Doc’s house is near a gorgeous mansion at 122 First Street in Queen’s Park in New Westminster. Although it is used as the park caretaker’s house, Mel’s cabin is also present in Murdo Frazer Park.

Other Surrounding Areas

Snug Cove on Bowen Island, Burnaby, was used to film most of the sweeping panoramic view of the town’s exterior. Port Coquitlam also contribute to the view.

Deer Lake Park in Burnaby is the setting for the Virgin River Community Picnic in the fourth episode of Season two. Virgin River mentions the Fitches Bed & Breakfast, also in Squamish.


The romance aside, the breathtaking view of the town was enough to make Virgin River an unforgettable series. As we await another season, you now have answers to “Where is Virgin River filmed?” to visit whenever you want.