Where Is Ted Lasso Filmed?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering where is Ted Lasso filmed, you’re not alone.

The charming Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso” has captured hearts with its endearing characters and heartwarming storyline, but it’s not just the narrative that’s captivating the audience.

The fictional AFC Richmond team and their daily escapades may be set within the narrative confines of Richmond, London, but these settings you’ve grown to love are inspired by very real places.

Ted Lasso brings to life the cozy, community vibe of Richmond, utilizing spots like local pubs, streets, and football stadiums to ground its quirky universe in realism.

You can walk through the same streets or grab a pint at the same pubs where scenes from Ted Lasso unfolded, and experience the town just as the characters do.

In reality, many locations from the show are scattered around Richmond and Twickenham, offering an accessible slice of the show’s charm, mere minutes away from central London.

Where Is Ted Lasso Filmed?

Ted Lasso transports you to charming British locations, and you might be wondering where the magic happens.

Several scenes are set in and around London, with Richmond being a central hub for the show’s filming.

Richmond Stadium

In Ted Lasso, AFC Richmond’s home games are brought to life at Richmond Stadium, which stands in for the fictional Nelson Road.

When you see the team battling it out on the pitch, it’s here amidst the roaring fans and under the bright stadium lights that those moments are captured.

Selhurst Park

Meanwhile, some of the football match scenes you enjoy are actually shot at Selhurst Park.

This venue is known as the home ground of Crystal Palace FC.

When AFC Richmond faces off against their competitors on screen, you’re seeing the players on the actual turf of this renowned stadium.

London Settings

London’s vibrant neighborhoods and iconic landmarks set the stage for “Ted Lasso.”

As you explore the city, you’ll walk the same streets and visit the stadiums where the beloved show came to life.


Nestled in North London, Hampstead is one of the city’s most picturesque areas.

Known for its lush Hampstead Heath and winding streets, it offers the perfect backdrop for both the romantic and comedic moments of the series.

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club serves as one of the stand-ins for AFC Richmond’s home matches.

This local club’s ground adds an authentic charm to the show’s football scenes, weaving real grassroots football culture into the story.

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is another key filming location in “Ted Lasso.”

Here, the actors took to the pitches and training facilities that give viewers an inside look at the fictional team’s practice sessions and workouts.

Additional Filming Spots

In addition to the charming town of Richmond, “Ted Lasso” brought to life more of the UK through additional filming spots.

These locations provide authentic backdrops that resonate with the show’s British football spirit.


When you explore “Ted Lasso” filming locations, you’ll find that the lively city of Liverpool also makes a cameo.

Anfield, the iconic home of Liverpool Football Club, provides a real stadium atmosphere that enhances the show’s authenticity.

You might recognize this location from the gripping match scenes that capture the essence of British football.


Manchester, known for its rich football culture, is another key filming location for “Ted Lasso.”

The city’s football venues, like Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City, serve as pivotal settings for the show.

Through these venues, you’re offered a glimpse into the scale and passion of Premier League games.

Behind The Scenes

When you’re cozying up to watch Ted Lasso, you’re seeing more than just the heartwarming story of an American football coach in England.

You’re peering into a world crafted in the town of Richmond, London.

This picturesque locale serves as the backdrop for many of the show’s memorable moments.

  • The Crown & Anchor: This is the charming pub where Ted and his colleagues often gather, although under a fictional name.
  • Richmond Town: The streets here are the ones you see Ted Lasso stroll through, starting his day with positivity.

You won’t just recognize the exteriors; two stadiums provide the setting for AFC Richmond’s home games: one for the exterior shots and another for the pitch scenes. These stadiums are:

  • Selhurst Park: Home of Crystal Palace FC, serving as the exterior of AFC Richmond’s home ground.
  • Twickenham Stoop: Situated close to Twickenham Stadium, it’s used for filming the on-pitch action.

During your visit, envision Ted with his signature backpack and chinos, a testament to the detailed world-building that happens behind the scenes.

Picture being part of AFC Richmond’s loyal fanbase as you explore.

Remember, don’t be fooled by the fries; here, they’re “chips,” and it’s just one of the many small details that make the universe of Ted Lasso feel so real.

Cultural Impact Of Filming Locales

The filming locations of Ted Lasso, primarily set in and around Richmond, London, have had a significant effect on local culture.

These areas have become a pilgrimage site for fans. You may enjoy seeing places like The Prince’s Head, which serves as the exterior for the Crown & Anchor pub in the show.

Just imagine leaning against the same walls where Ted and his friends shared heartwarming conversations.

  • Richmond Green: The green itself is filled with a new sense of community, with fans gathering to discuss their favorite moments from the series.
  • Local Pubs: Establishments like the ‘Crown & Anchor’ location buzz with visitors, hoping to catch the ambiance captured on screen.

Furthermore, AFC Richmond’s stadium, filmed at the SkyEX Community Stadium, places a spotlight on smaller, community-focused football clubs.

These venues, which once stood quietly in the suburbs of London, are newly recognized global landmarks thanks to the show.

  • SkyEX Community Stadium: Once a lesser-known sports venue, it now enjoys increased attention and the associated economic benefits.

Remember, when you visit, you’re not just stepping into the world of Ted Lasso; you’re also supporting local businesses and communities.

Your presence highlights the importance of these locales, extending beyond the screen and into the economic and cultural fabric of the area.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: Ted Lasso is set in England and primarily filmed in London.
    • Your favorite scenes unfold in real London locations, including the fictional AFC Richmond’s home ground.
  • The Crown & Anchor: This is the fictional pub from Ted Lasso.
    • While it’s a central hub in the show, you might find similar pubs around Richmond, London, where you can soak in a comparable atmosphere.
  • Richmond, London: Much of Ted Lasso centers around this area, which is showcased quite often in the series.
    • During your own visit, you can walk the same streets and visit shops that create the show’s backdrop.
  • West London Studios: Some interior scenes are shot in a studio setting, located in West London.
    • This is where much magic happens away from the public eye.
  • Accessible Locations: A number of the spots featured in Ted Lasso are places you can actually visit, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of the show.
    • Remember, while you can explore the real-life counterparts of many locations from the show, some interior shots are taken in studios that aren’t open to the public.

Enjoy your exploration!