Where Is Emmerdale Filmed?

Where is Emmerdale filmed? You may ask that as a fan of the popular UK soap opera. Emmerdale has been around since 1972. Therefore, most of us have seen one or more episodes of it. The show set in a quaint Yorkshire Village is one of the UK’s iconic TV dramas with a large fan base.

Emmerdale is filmed in West Yorkshire on a set in Harewood House Estate. The Estate, owned by The Earl and Countess of Harewood, has also been used to shoot Downton Abbey. It is the location of Emmerdale’s current purpose-built set made to look like Elshot village in West Yorkshire. Arncliffe was the previous setting for Emmerdale before filming moved to Elshot.

Here is some information about Emmerdale. If you’re looking for information on the locations where the Emmerdale survival special was filmed, you can find that here.

What Is Emmerdale?

Emmerdale is a British soap opera filmed in a fictional village in Yorkshire Dales. The show has been around since 1972. There are claims it got its name from Amerdale (an ancient name used to refer to Littondale). 

Some of the scenes in the show are filmed on Harewood Estate while others are filmed in studios. A memorable scene that has set Emmerdale on the path to fame is the plane crash in Beckindale that killed four characters. 

Since then, Emmerdale has continued to stage dramatic storylines and interesting characters. Some few you may know are the Dingles, the Tates, and the Calders.

Locations Where Emmerdale Is filmed?

Emmerdale has been around for years and has gone through several locations. Between 1972 and 1975, it was filmed in Arncliffe in North Yorkshire. After that, the show moved to Esholt village, where exterior scenes were filmed for 22 years.

Eventually, the producers of Emmerdale moved its shooting location to Harewood Estate. They created a life-size replica of Elshot Village in the Estate to make that possible. 

Harewood Estate is where Emmerdale’s outdoor scenes are filmed to – date. The show’s interior scenes are filmed at Kirkstall Road in Emmerdale Production Centre. Some of the memorable settings are;

1. The Woolpack

The Woolpack Inn on Main Street, owned by Charity Dingle and Ryan Stocks, is a popular location in Emmerdale. 

Fans will remember its interior decor with horse brasses, copper kettles, stuffed animals, and ceramic beer jugs. It is the setting for the devastating fire in 2021 that Al Chapman set for insurance money.

2. David’s Shop

David’s shop, formerly called Hope for the Best and Leyla’s, is located on Church Lane. That was the setting for the burst pipe accident after Carly bought it from David. 

Recently, the shop has acquired a new bike to be more environmentally friendly. David is also struggling to keep his shop away from Kerry.

3. Café Mainstreet

Café Main Street, formerly called Café Hope Walker, is located on Main Street. The cafe was previously a shop and post office owned by Viv Hope. 

Unfortunately, the cafe was burned down when Nick Henshall set fire to Victoria Cottages. That was the tragic setting for Viv and Terry’s death. It’s also the setting for Dan Spencer’s allergy attack that bound him to a wheelchair.


Now you know the answer to “Where is Emmerdale filmed?” If you want to see the area up close, book a visit to Harewood Estate for a tour. 

A tour named the Emmerdale Studio Experience allows fans to see the show’s film locations on the weekends. You may also enjoy the show from the comfort of your home. Emmerdale is frequently aired on ITV.