Where Is Emmerdale Filmed?

Where is Emmerdale filmed? You may ask that as a fan of the popular UK soap opera.

Emmerdale, a beloved British soap opera set in the Yorkshire Dales, has been capturing the hearts of audiences since its inception in 1972.

Initially, the village of Arncliffe in Littondale served as the backdrop for the show’s fictional setting.

However, the charm of Yorkshire continues to embrace the essence of Emmerdale through the show’s primary filming location at the Harewood House Estate in West Yorkshire.

As a fan, you might wonder if you can walk the same cobbled streets as your favorite characters.

The good news is that various parts of the Emmerdale set, including the exterior scenes, are indeed accessible to fans.

Tours are available, offering a glimpse into the iconic Woolpack pub and other key locations within the village of Emmerdale.

The studios in Leeds complement these external sets by providing the interior shots that bring indoor scenes to life.

When visiting, you’ll find that surrounding real villages, including Esholt and Otley, have also featured in the series, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Emmerdale.

Whether you’re a long-term viewer or a new enthusiast, exploring the set and its scenic surroundings is a unique way to connect with the show beyond the screen.

Where is Emmerdale Filmed?

Exploring the picturesque settings of Emmerdale, you’ll uncover a tapestry of real-life locations that blend seamlessly with the iconic drama’s fictional world.

History of Emmerdale’s Filming Locations

Originally, when Emmerdale first aired in 1972, the real-life village of Arncliffe in North Yorkshire served as the backdrop for the series.

This choice provided authentic rural charm until the filming location was moved in 1975.

Emmerdale Village

As the show evolved, so did its filming locations.

The current Emmerdale village is a purpose-built set on the Harewood House Estate in West Yorkshire.

Fans may recognize the iconic Woolpack pub and the village hall, which create the cozy village atmosphere.


To depict the bustling market town of Hotten, the show has used various urban locations.

While exact filming spots for Hotten may not always be publicly disclosed, these scenes typically feature areas neighboring the village set with appropriate structural facades.

Tenant House

The Tenant House, home to some of Emmerdale’s characters, is featured within the same estate as the Emmerdale village set.

This ensures consistency and convenience in the show’s storytelling and production.

Secondary Filming Locations and Sets

As you explore the world of Emmerdale, you’ll discover the charm of its secondary locations.

These iconic spots bring the drama to life and are integral to the storytelling.

Café Main Street

In the heart of the village, Café Main Street serves as a hub for gossip and key plot developments.

This cozy establishment has seen many significant scenes unfold over cups of tea and slices of cake.

David’s Shop

David’s Shop is more than just a place to buy provisions; it’s a cornerstone of community life where characters intersect.

Its shelves and aisles have been the backdrop for many of the show’s intricate storylines.

The Woolpack

The iconic The Woolpack pub is a central meeting point for the villagers.

Emmerdale wouldn’t be the same without its rustic charm, which has provided the setting for everything from quiet pints to explosive revelations.

Production Details

You might find it fascinating to learn that the beloved soap opera Emmerdale combines both studio work and location shoots to bring the fictional village of Emmerdale to life.

Studio Filming

Yorkshire Television’s ‘Emmerdale Production Centre’ serves as the primary location for all the indoor scenes of the show.

Located on Kirkstall Road in Leeds, it nestles beside the main Yorkshire Television studios where sets replicate the iconic interiors you’re familiar with.

Location Use Permissions

When it comes to outdoor filming, you’ll notice that a range of permissions are necessary to film in the authentic rural landscapes that provide Emmerdale with its picturesque backdrop.

Permissions are typically granted by local authorities and landowners to ensure minimal disruption while capturing the essence of the Yorkshire countryside.

Visiting Emmerdale’s Filming Locations

If you’re a fan of the beloved soap opera Emmerdale, you might be excited to learn that you can actually visit some of the locations where the show is filmed.

Organized Tours

Emmerdale Village Tour: For an immersive experience, consider booking an Emmerdale Village Tour.

These are usually available on weekends and take you through the iconic, purpose-built set located on the Harewood Estate in West Yorkshire.

On the tour, you’ll walk around the exterior sets and explore the picturesque village as seen on TV.


  • Weekends (subject to filming schedules)
  • Dates: Check available dates as they are released periodically.


  • Tickets need to be pre-booked online.
  • Note: Tickets sell out quickly due to high demand.

Public Access Restrictions

Filming Areas: The interior scenes of Emmerdale are filmed in Leeds Studios and are not open to the public due to privacy and production requirements.

Similarly, the estate where the exterior village is located is private property, and casual visits are not permitted without being part of an organized tour.

Surrounding Areas: While the immediate sets are off-limits, the surrounding areas of the Harewood Estate and the original filming location, Arncliffe in North Yorkshire, can be visited independently.

However, these visits won’t provide access to the actual sets used in current filming.

Key Takeaways

  • Original Filming Location: Your favorite soap, Emmerdale, started its journey in 1972 in Arncliffe, a charming village in North Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Dales.
  • Relocation: Since 1975, the fictional village has found its home in West Yorkshire.
  • Esholt Era: From 1996, Esholt served as the backdrop for the show, and the local pub, The Commercial Inn, was renamed the Woolpack, mirroring the show’s iconic location.
  • Current Set: Now, Emmerdale is filmed on a closed set at Harewood Estate. This purpose-built set offers privacy and consistency for filming.

Visiting the Set

  • The Woolpack: You can visit the real pub that served as the Woolpack during the Esholt filming period.
  • Set Tours: Fans can book guided tours of the current set, allowing you to walk the cobbled streets and visit familiar buildings from the show.

Remember, while you might not be able to drop by any time due to filming schedules and the set’s exclusivity, special arrangements via set tours can be made for those eager visits.

Keep an eye on official tour providers for availability and tickets.