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Remember the days when the term social media meant Facebook? Well those days are long gone and it seems a new network pops up everyday but only a few manage to achieve that viral effect that lead to mass uptake. The latest addition to the social media pantheon is Pinterest.

Although it’s been around over a year, it’s only over the last couple of weeks Pinterest has really taken off with seemingly everyone sharing it on their wall, in their timeline or with their circles depending on which platform floats their boat. A ”a virtual pinboard” that “allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web”, Pinterest is an odd one and some would put it: just a place to look at pretty pictures

Econsultancy published an interesting piece on The Demograhic Behind Pinterest which found that 80% of its users are women. Hardly surprising when three of the reasons Pinterest gives for joining are: Redecorate your Home! Save your recipes! & Plan a wedding! which without sounding too sexist, are largely female pursuits.

So what are you likely to find on Pinterest? 

Food – pictures of ridiculously fancy (and calorific) cakes and deserts abound on Pinterest. Just logging on is enough to get that sweet tooth aching.

Animals – forget lolcats, on Pinterest it’s all about omgcutecats (I may have made that term up.)

Furniture – if you ever need some interior design inspiration Pinterest is the place to go, with plenty of pictures of contemporary furniture and some classic pieces to have your pad looking the part in no time.

Clothes – sometimes Pinterest can look a bit like a high fashion catalogue with many a fashionista-to-be repinning their fashion inspirations.

However, like Twitter, what you get depends on who you follow. You can browse categories as varied as Architecture to Sports but it seems these areas don’t yet have enough enthusiasts and curators to make the content interesting.

So to answer our eponymous question – if you’re in to fashion, food or interior design then definitely. Not your bag? Then maybe not, yet at least.

One thing is certain, Pinterest is only going to get bigger but whether its demographic will even out is yet to be seen. Perhaps we are seeing the birth of the first female dominated mainstream social network, what are your thoughts?

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