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So one of 2012’s most anticipated album releases is finally upon us. The third studio album Visions from the highly lauded Claire Boucher AKA Grimes, the first of her albums to be released on the ever impressing 4AD Records will finally be hitting record stores next week. For those of you unfamiliar with Grimes her music is a wave of synths weaving through her enchanting vocals. The Canadian’s breakthrough came last year during her spell as opening act for one of last year’s hottest stars Lykke Li. The attention was almost instant with her debut album Geidi Prime being released for the first time after the tour, this setup what was bound to be a huge year in Miss Boucher’s life.

From the opening track you realises pretty quickly what you’re going to be in for with Visions, it’s playful, it’s energetic and it’s one of the better albums of this ilk in recent years. This style of music has become almost surgically attached to female vocalists, some have been able to pull it off to great effect but some have failed to hit the stride required to succeed. The first two full length tracks are incredibly well put together, there’s joy and real sense that Grimes knows what she’s doing despite her still being rather new to the game. The lyrics to Oblivion (video below) seem to bounce from side to side, almost to the effect that the listener becomes dizzy.

The rest of this album is just as good and just as disorientating, with incredibly catching synths and beats that will require many listens just to get your head around the complexity of the production of what is sure to be a critically acclaimed album.

If there was any added pressure put onto Grimes in the making of Vision given the early buzz surrounding its release it certainly doesn’t show. There is a confidence to the music and to the vocals which I’ve got to say exceeded my expectations of this record. Visions has an intoxicating sound that rivals one of last years biggest surprises the wonderful I Believe You Liar by Washington.

If Visions is any indication Grimes is set to be one of 2012 most loved acts, with a truly beautifully creative album and with a huge US and European tour in the near future I’m sure that there will be no slowing this incredibly talented singer.


Visions by Grimes is released 12th March and can be bought here.

Words by Matthew Foran

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