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It’s grim up North. If you hail from the imagination of Irvine Welsh, though, then it’s also cult cool (in a grimy, sordid kind of a way). It’s been more than fifteen years since Danny Boyle transformed Trainspotting for the big screen, cementing Welsh’s cult author status and revealing a dirty underbelly to Scotland that I’m sure us soft southerners never dreamed was there.

So after such a long hiatus, we’re all gagging for another round. Enter Filth, the latest Welsh adaptation for the big screen. With Danny Boyle now a National Treasure and busy with Olympic Opening Ceremonies and suchlike, directorship of Filth has been undertaken by Jon S Baird. A fairly new guy on the film circuit, his efforts are nonetheless thrilling.

Filth tells the story of Bruce Robertson, an alcoholic bigot who also happens to be cop. Enlisted to the investigation of a vicious murder as he comes in line for promotion, Robertson is threatened by the presence of aspirational colleagues. How to handle this? Well plot their ruin, of course. What else? And how exactly to bring down those who threaten your power? How about stealing their wives and exposing their secrets, that should do quite well.

Starring the cream of the British crop including a stellar performance (aren’t they all) from James MacAvoy, Filth is a thrill ride of a film but definitely not for the fainthearted. Irvine Welsh fans should be pleased while newcomers prepare to be taken for a thrilling and challenging ride.

Watch the official trailer starring James McAvoy at filthmovie.co.uk