Misfits Series 3 Episode 5 Review | TQS Magazine

So after last weeks alternative universe with the Nazis running the country, this time we have some body swapping shenanigans. Oh, and another dead probation worker.

At the beginning of the episode Seth asks Kelly out on a date; she’s happy, he’s happy, everything looks great. However, the Misfits have to go and do some community service at a hospital. In there, Kelly tries to help a coma patient but when she touches her, they swap bodies and Kelly is left in the hospital with no way out. The gang end up realising it’s not Kelly they are talking to but an impostor and with the use of Alisha’s power they trace her back to the hospital and end up swapping back.

I love a good body swap story; Big, Vice Versa, 17 Again, 13 Going On 30 the list goes on . So maybe that’s why I feel like I’ve seen this before, there was nothing new about it. In the Misfits world they would usual try something different, a different take on it maybe but they didn’t. It all just feels a bit lazy.

While it is a Kelly focused episode, we don’t actually see a lot of “our” Kelly, what with her being a coma victim. Rudy has the B plot; he has to go to anger management and Other Rudy falls in love with their therapist. I liked it when Rudy says he thought it was strange that she was coming on to him but let her carry on anyway.

But the biggest surprise was left till last. Shaun the probation worker gets stabbed and like those who came before him,  dies. The Misfits nonchalance about killing yet another probation worker was brilliant and Rudy asking Seth to borrow his car as they’ve “got a probation worker to bury” was great. That’s the third one they’ve killed if you’re keeping count.

There wasn’t much for the others to do. Curtis was caught masturbating in the community centre by Alisha, then Simon walks in and thinks something was going on. But no more is said, so it’s either they are setting Alisha and Simon up for some sort of fall or it was just a throw away moment. It also seems like Seth is now part of the gang, but we’ll have to see how that works out.

It wasn’t the strongest of episodes but was still enjoyable and it had some funny moments in. You have to agree Misfits isn’t scared of getting rid of some big characters. Shaun was great as the probation worker who really didn’t care, but I can’t wait to see the new guy. Who in their right mind would want to work with these lot now?

Favourite Moments

Rudy’s fighting technique at the start of the episode, throwing his arm around and shouting “What’s that??” He still got beat up.

Rudy and Simon talking about body swap movies. Rudy thought it was a bit like Face/Off but Simon told him it was more Freaky Friday.

Words by Nat