Men's Fashion Finds #33: Frank & Oak | TQS Magazine

When delivering stuff in a box each month became a thing about two years ago, many people popped up trying to jump on the bandwagon. They saw the likes of Graze and Glossybox making bloggers weak at the knees, and wanted in on the action. They saw the money to be made, and they explored every avenue from which to make it. For us guys, there were some corkers, like the Dollar Shave Club, and we had some flat out condescending ones, like the one we got offered which promised to send us clean pants and Lynx each month because apparently ‘lads’ don’t have time to worry about such stuff. (The day we stop caring about our underwear or odour levels is the day we just give up the ghost in general).

After a while, the crap started to get weeded out, and the good stuff sustained (oh hai, The Fancy). One of the good ‘uns that we’ve stumbled across recently: Frank & Oak. Billed as an integration between design and technology, it’s a personalised shop which rotates each month, displaying a different, tailored set of products to you, all with a negotiated discount. Importantly, the clothes are of an incredibly good standard, and there’s also an onsite magazine, a non-profit arm, and, which we love The Hunt Club – a monthly, no ob subscription service that allows you to try before you buy, for free. The combination of all these elements, and a website that’s a dream to explore, makes Frank & Oak a new breed of online menswear shop: a 360° experience that allows you to try new things, learn more about how to dress, and save a bit of cash to boot. Ace.

Find Frank & Oak here: Or on Facebook here, and Twitter here.