Misfits Series 3 Episode 4 Review | TQS Magazine

All the Misfits’ old powers went somewhere and at the start of this episode we see an old man called Friedrich who has Curtis’ old ability to wind back time. And what does he do with that? Decide to kill Hitler of course. It’s quite moving, as we see Friedrich at a memorial to the heroes of World War 2 and he says he is doing it for them. But of course, not all runs smoothly and Hitler ends up getting his hands on Friedrich’s mobile phone. Flash forward and we see that the mobile gave the Nazis a technological advantage in the war and they end up victorious. We are in an alternate universe here people.

The Nazis are rounding up people with powers and getting Seth (the dealer who can swap powers and Kelly’s new fancy man) to take them away from people.

Kelly is still in her orange jumpsuit but the others are aren’t. Simon is working with the Nazis, although it’s forced; Alisha seems to be going out with Shaun, who obviously works for the Nazis. He makes a perfect Nazi too, rather unsurprisingly. Not sure what Rudy or Curtis are doing apart from trying to keep away from the Nazis. But they are all basically the same characters, none have had a personality transplant like when other TV shows try this kind of episode.

While taking people’s powers the Nazis realise what power Friedrich has and they decide it must be destroyed. They make Seth put the power in Curtis and shoot him, thinking that’s the end of it. But Seth keeps the power and kisses Kelly to give it to her. She turns back time, and all is back to how it should be.

I loved the idea of the Misfits being in Nazi Britain and for most part it worked, the characters are so well written and I for one care what happens to them. It just seemed a bit of a filler episode, not a criticism just a comment, as only Kelly remembered everything at the end. The opening has to be my favourite ever though. The beautiful letter Friedrich writes then turning back time and finally Kelly’s pitch perfect comment. You have to see it. I liked seeing them all come together even though they started on different sides. Next week is more of Kelly and Seth and it will be interesting to see where those two are heading.

Favourite moments

Rudy’s attempt to see if Curtis was in the resistance, “What about them Nazis hey? Bit bossy.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be a good episode without my favourite Kelly moment. She goes to Seth and to get her power back. Turns out she likes being a “fucking rocket scientist.”

Words by Natz