Misfits Series 3 Episode 6 Review | TQS Magazine

After a few quieter-than-normal episodes of Misfits we are back with a bang here. Rudy takes centre stage this week and drags Simon along for the ride. The problem? A girl he has a one night stand with gives him with a disease, but we’re not talking your run of mill STI here. She has the power to give diseases out to whoever treats her like dirt. And Rudy did treat her pretty badly. An odd power I agree, but the thing I love about Misfits is that the possibilities are endless. Literally anything could be a power.

Rudy is a great character and the opening was fantastic; he was at a Skins-style party, chatting up 3 girls then he can’t remember who he slept with. It was like working out a murder mystery. He ends up finding the girl and apologising, so she reverses her power on him. But not before some soul searching form Rudy, kissing a lesbian, flashing a kid and ending up in jail. Rudy was quite busy this week.

With no probation worker, the other Misfits had some time to spare. Kelly was spending lots more time with Seth, sneaking away to all the little hiding places the community centre has to offer. Which left Alisha and Curtis at a short end. Curtis’ power however seems to be playing up; he keeps turning into Melissa and he doesn’t know why. Alisha suggests taking a pregnancy test and rather surprisingly, it turns out he is pregnant. I won’t go into the details of how he got pregnant (it’s pretty gross), but it’s left him stuck as Melissa and unable to change back. Curtis gets Seth to take his power, so we are left assuming he’s no longer pregnant and Melissa has gone. But he’s also left without a power.

Seth meanwhile has people looking for a certain power. The power to bring back the dead. He asks Curtis to take it and raise his dead girlfriend. I’m not sure Kelly will be happy about this. Seth and Kelly have a relatively quiet episode but after seeing the preview for next weeks, it’s seems like they are setting them up for something special. Next week’s episode looks amazing; Misfits finally do zombies! Cheerleading zombies as well.

A really funny episode, which I think is a good thing as it has been slightly missing from the last couple of shows. Rudy had some great lines, as always, and even though Simon didn’t have a great lot to do it was nice seeing him buddy up with Rudy. Not much power using for anybody this week but if Curtis keeps his it might come in handy. Although if they come back as zombies it’s a bit of a rubbish power as they go. The pregnancy was a bit strange but I think they get away with it.
Favourite Moments

Anything Rudy said really. His chat up lines were original; from their hair smelling like Ready Break to having nice collarbones and small ankles. It seems to work for him though, he gets the girls.

But if I have to pick one, I’d go with him discussing High School Musical’s ‘All In This Together’ and how he now understands it now. Priceless.

Review by Natz