Jack Bauer discovers another side of himself | TQS Magazine

Jack Bauer has always been my biggest hero.  What a man – father, husband, badass.  A man who can get himself in and out of that many scrapes with 24 hours is pretty damn incredible.  A man who can get in and out of that many scrapes in 24 hours 8 times in his life is some kind of reckless fool (but very cool).  Now, thanks to Acer, we’re reunited with Jack on his latest mission – as Bauer the Baker.

Acer have brought Bauer out of retirement for their latest ad campaign, showcasing the Acer S5 – the world’s thinnest Ultrabook.  At only 15mm thick, you might think that the S5 is a little puny for the likes of CTU – the kind of thing Jack might  crush in his fist as he discovers his daughter’s been kidnapped by Albanian terrorists.  Yet, as is clear in the video, it’s also the ideal portable computer for guys (and gals) who need information now. Stat.

If, like Jack, you don’t have time to mess around waiting for Broadband and pathetic open wifi connections, then the S5 allows you to access, download and upload (top secret?) data anywhere.  So the next time you desperately need a risotto recipe in a tiny village in the Lake Distrcit, look to your S5 for help.  Just think: what would Jack do?

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