A spring colour fashion three-way | TQS Magazine

There’s some things us Brits love to moan about – taxes, the weather, and the fact that when you wait ages for a bus, three come along at once. Well, in an aid to solve at least two of those problems (we’re screwed when it comes to taxes, we don’t know our HMRC from our H&M), let us present some bright, sun-encouraging wardrobe must haves, which you’ll want to snap up in every colour, wondering why you were complaining about anything to do with the number three in the first place.

If you’ve even glanced at a fashion blog recently you’ve have seen a rainbow of eye-catching neons and primary brights, gleaning out of the computer screen like a ray of fashionable joy. We’ve done away with subtlety this season and we’re all about making an impact. Which is why we love these eye popping, traffic light lolly-esque blouses. Available in pink, teal and orange, these silk t-shirts from Moncler will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will keep you cool in the summer heat too.

Of course, we’re not all about wishful thinking fashion – we like to keep it real. We know that there might be an ever so slight chance of rain over the next couple of months (*glares at the sky*), so if you’re looking to make a fashion splash, but don’t fancy getting soaked, Duvetica’s padded jackets in yellow, orange or green will see you right too.

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