How to Make Long Hair Look Short

Most women love to have long hair, but many still wonder how to make long hair look short. Maybe they wish for short hair on certain occasions but chopping it off for a day’s look isn’t the right way. 

To make long hair short, you can use some hair pins or headbands. These hair hacks can be used when you don’t want to shorten your hair but want to try new hairstyles. You can use the braided mohawk method to clip your hair easily. Pulling your hair in the front can give you a cool pixie look.

In this article on making long hair look short, we will discuss different techniques for shortening your long hair. These solutions are easy to do and allow you to add your personalised style to them. 

Who Should Use These Methods of Shortening Long Hairs?

These methods of shortening long hair can be used by any woman who doesn’t want to cut their hair. You can also use it to test various hairstyles and finalise the one that looks best on you. Although short hair has multiple styling options, testing it before getting a haircut gives you the confidence to decide. Surprisingly, it is very possible to try out our recommended methods without needing a professional hairstylist or a scissor.

Besides providing you with a deciding factor, it will allow you to change your look in the shortest possible time. With just a few household items like hair clips and bobby pins, you’ll learn how to make long hair look short. 

How to Make Long Hair Look Short?

Women spend so many years growing long hairs, and chopping them off is too much to bear. But the bigger question is, how to make long hair look short? Well, for this, we have listed the four most easy ways that can help you avoid scissors.

METHOD 1: The Headband Technique

The headband method is the quickest and simplest way to make long hair look short. Although you wouldn’t get yourself a pixie style, a long bob does the job for short hair.

  • Take a piece of fabric long and thin. You can use a dress belt if it is soft enough to put on your head.
  • Make a ponytail of your hair but tie only the end part. The knot you made to tie your ponytail should be the middle of your headband. 
  • Now holding both the ends of the headband in your respective hands, pull your pony towards your neck and bring it upward.
  • You can now see that your pony is hidden inside of your hair.
  • Make a bow of the ends on top of your forehead, and you are ready to go!

The drawback of this simple method is the use of a headband. You can also use a fabric that matches your hair colour to avoid this. This will make it look more subtle while giving you a short hair look.

METHOD 2: The Braided Mohawk Method

Create a beautiful looking mohawk by braiding your hair the right way. You can easily pull this hairstyle off with a stunning dress.

  • With an ideal middle path, divide your hair into two equal parts.
  • Now take thin strands from both sides and bring them to the front.
  • After this, start making a braid using both strands. Keep adding new strands as you proceed.
  • When you finish braiding till the bottom of your head, continue braiding with the remaining hair. 
  • You can lift your braid to pin it in the front or leave it hanging.

This method will give you a crest on the top of your head while leaving short hair on the sides.

METHOD 3: Clip the Hairs Using Hair Clips

In this method of how to make long hair look short, you’ll need household items like hair gel and curl enhancer. You can avoid scissors and pick hair clips to give you a cute short hairstyle. 

  • Wash your hair and dry it properly.
  • Now apply some curl enhancer to your dried hair.
  • Make a middle part and divide it into two parts. 
  • Now clip the two parts of both sides upward.
  • After clipping, add hair gel to the remaining hair and pull it behind your back such that it makes a ponytail. 
  • Ensure to make your sides look smooth.
  • Now divide the top section of your hair into strands and twist them.
  • Wait until 10 minutes before you start untwisting the strands.
  • Now repeat the same procedure for your hair in the ponytail.
  • Pull up your pony and tie the bobby pins to the rest of your hair.

For best results, we recommend you apply hair gel through every step of the process. It will give you a more finished and cleaner look.

METHOD 4: Great Pixie Style

When exploring how to make long hair look short, you will learn to get a stunning pixie style.

  • Make a tight ponytail by pulling your hair to the back.
  • Depending on your hair’s length, you can decide on a pony or braids.
  • Pull your pony up, and pin it to the front of your head using a hair clip.
  • Now arrange the ends of your ponytails as bangs, and you are all set to go with the new pixie look.


In this article on how to make long hair look short, we discussed simple methods of making long hair short. Shortening long hair is easier than you think and doesn’t require expertise in hair styling. You can go for the simple headband method using a thin piece of fabric. Alternatively, you can also try the hair clips method and add some curls to your beautiful long hair. This method works both for straight and curly hair. 

These four methods can help you get a shorter hair look without using any scissors. We also recommend you keep experimenting with other different styles and find the one that looks the best on you.