How To Stop Chub Rub

Every year we all read about how to stop chub rub in preparation for the upcoming summer by taking various precautions. But still, chafing happens and leaves you with uncomfortable red inner thighs that burn even so if you look at them. But how to stop chub rub from happening at all? In this article, we’ll learn different effective measures you can take on stopping chub rub from happening in the first place. 

Chub rub is a widespread dilemma, also often referred to as chafing. Most people experience the chub rub during the hot summer months of the year. It leads to skin irritation on the inner thighs due to constant friction. Using Vaseline lotion, thigh pads, and wearing suitable clothing can help prevent chub rub.

In this article on how to stop chub rub, we’ll discuss different ways to eliminate thigh chafing.

What is Chub Rub?

Chub rub is an unpleasant and painful feeling that happens when your thighs rub with each other. This happens mainly during the summer when the weather is warm and humid. One can experience this while exercising or wearing dresses like a skirt or shorts during hot weather. This can be quite painful as it can cause severe rashes on your inner thighs when not taken care of properly.

Although those who are overweight tend to experience chub rub more than others. But chafing around the inner thigh area could become a problem for anyone. It could result in a stinging or burning sensation and sometimes lead to bleeding. Eliminating chub rub can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to know various methods for stopping chub rub. This can prevent you from getting irritated and having a sore thigh due to friction.

How to Stop Chub Rub?

Stopping Chub Rub can be simple, although it would take some time and attention. It can be difficult preventing chub rub if you’re active in ways that could result in your inner thighs rubbing together. However, you can take specific measures to reduce the severity of the chafed skin. The following methods can help in reducing your chub rubs and prevent severe bumps or rashes on your skin.

Stay Dry

Excessive moisture can worsen the chafed skin. Therefore, apply talcum powder or alum to your inner thighs before going about your activities. Talcum powders can be effective as they efficiently wick away any moisture from your skin. 

If you’re a swimmer or like swimming during summertime, remove your swimsuit as soon as you get out of the pool. This helps to keep the wet and tight fabric off your body. This method should be applied to any wet clothes.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly or an anti-chafing stick to apply to your inner thighs. This acts as a lubricant and helps in reducing any friction on your skin. Petroleum jelly is a cost-effective solution and is widely available. It is recommended to try different anti-chafing sticks or petroleum jellies before finding the one that works the best for you.

Always Stay Hydrated

Always drink plenty of water before and after you exercise. Not staying hydrated can cause your sweat to dry on your skin and turn into crystals of salts. These salt crystals can increase your chances of experiencing chafed skin on your inner thighs. Besides having health benefits, water can also be of significant help if you want to know how to stop chub rub.

Wear Proper Clothes

Wear properly fitted clothes when exercising since baggy clothes can also cause skin chafing. If possible, try to wear moisture-wicking clothes. Use fabrics that can breathe and allow the sweat to evaporate off your skin. This will reduce the chances of friction and prevent your thighs from any rubs or rash.

How to Recover from the Chafed Skin Due to Chub Rub?

Your skin can be healed after chafing if you follow the recommended guidelines to prevent it from happening again. Here are a few preventive measures you should take while your skin is recovering,

  • Avoid hot showers and harsh soaps, as they can make your skin drier.
  • Do not rub your chafed skin. Instead, pat it dry, as rubbing can make it worse.
  • Wash the affected area with mild soap and warm water. Avoid any chemicals like hydrogen peroxide iodine, which can slow down your healing process.
  • To ease the pain, use an ice pack for a shorter time. Pat your skin dry after you’re done.
  • Take some rest and allow your wound to heal as repeated rubbing of your skin can cause infection to your wound.

Even after taking all the measures, if your symptoms don’t improve, we recommend visiting a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe an ointment or an antibiotic cream in case of any signs of infection. In severe cases, they may also prescribe you steroidal ointment. It can help you heal and soothe your skin quicker.


Chub rub is a common problem during the summertime or when the weather is hot and humid. The condition can cause the forming of rashes on your inner thighs. You mustn’t ignore it and take proper measures that can help in eliminating chub rub. Take care of the affected area by cleaning it regularly and applying petroleum jelly. 

The chafed skin will heal within a few days if taken proper care and treatment. To stop chub rub, try using petroleum jellies, and keep your thighs dry. Additionally, drink plenty of water and wear proper clothes to avoid the chafing of your skin.