How Long Does a Balayage Take?

You want that trendy and effortless Balayage hair look but wonder how long the Balayage will take. It’s a cool hairstyle that is taking red carpets by storm. Although it’s been around for a while, this timeless highlight technique has made its way back as the most popular style. 

A Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique that gives a sun-kissed look to your hair. A balayage takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the colourist and the length of your hair. You should look for an experienced colourist who can do the work in less time. Looking for a good colourist is vital to ensure your hair is coloured evenly.

It makes you look great in a more subtle yet noticeable way. These natural highlights are pretty low maintenance and give a natural sun-kissed look to your hair.

This article discusses in detail what balayage highlight is, its advantages, and how long does a balayage take for different hairs.

What Is Balayage Highlights?

Derived from a French word that means ‘sweeping”, balayage is a freehand colouring technique. It gives you a natural and blended look with no significant or harsh regrowth lines. Balayage gives a more natural and sun-kissed hair colour that is softer and with lesser noticeable regrowth. The basic idea of Balayage is to create a multi-tonal, natural finish using patches of shade and light.

Contrary to traditional highlights, the time it takes to get a Balayage is different as it doesn’t require foils while colouring. Since the hair is painted freehand to apply the colour, the final result is less uniform than the typical highlights. If you want to go blonder, balayage is the right way. It allows you to avoid the harsh contrast between colours. It’s an excellent method to refresh your looks without the bold overhaul.

How Long Does a Balayage Take?

The most common query about this highlight is how long a Balayage takes. The answer depends on various factors, like the length and the original colour of your hair. It also depends on the colourist and the colour you wish to get on your hair. A colourist with more experience with balayage highlights will be able to complete the job faster than a novice.

On average, a partial balayage takes anywhere between 45-90 minutes to complete. On the other hand, a full balayage takes anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours on average. This time can vary significantly as the highlight is applied using hands, and all balayage is different. If you have longer and thicker hair, the time it takes can be longer.

What Is the Sign of a Badly Made Balayage Highlight?

Now that we know how long a balayage takes, it is essential to know the signs of poorly made Balayage hair. Examining the results with attention to check the coloured Balayage is recommended. This is an improper application if the colour doesn’t look soft or look lighter from the hair tips to the roots. Additionally, the colour gradation has to be noticeable. 

Even if the colouring looks patchy, it signifies a lousy Balayage highlight.

What Are the Signs of Correct Balayage Highlights?

This section of the article will discuss the signs of balayage highlights done well. The Balayage highlights can be applied to both short and long hair. To check if the work is done professionally, the colouring must be done from the roots growing thicker near the tips. 

The highlight should also look soft, like it’s been gently touched by the colour. Additionally, the lighter should be from the external parts of the locks. It does not take an expert or any special skills to check the highlights. For a natural look, the colour applied should be a bit darker or lighter from the original colour of your hair.

Advantages of Balayage Highlight

Since we know how long a balayage takes, it is also necessary to note various advantages of this highlight. Most women are tired of using a wig and therefore look for different alternatives of hair colouring and highlighting. This is one of the many reasons that a Balayage will always be a popular fashion trend. Other popular advantages of getting a balayage highlight are,

  • There is no need for constant correction. The transition from natural colour to coloured highlights is relatively smooth.
  • It can be helpful to those who are looking for a fresh look without losing their original hair colour.
  • This technique can be applied to both natural and dyed hairs.
  • It can be beneficial if you are looking to mask your grey hairs.
  • Except for the short hairs, no colour correction is required frequently.
  • The Balayage technique can also hide wide cheeks, a heavy chin, or an excessively round face.

How Long Does Balayage Highlights Last?

The Balayage highlight can last anywhere between 3 to 4 months. The main benefit of balayage is that you aren’t left with any visible roots, even after your hairs start to grow. It was designed so that it blends seamlessly with your hair giving it a more natural look. With that being said, the colours will grow out naturally concerning the growth rate of your hairs. 

Since the balayage highlight lightens certain sections of your hair, it can fade out quickly if not taken care of properly. You can use darker tones or opt for a semi-permanent colour if you have natural light hairs. If you talk about blonde hair, shade can be washed out easily, especially if you get a cold tone. You will need to tint your hair every 3 to 4 weeks to avoid this.


In this article, we learnt many different aspects about Balayage highlights. The Balayage highlight is a popular hair highlight technique used to give a new look without radically changing the image. Depending on the colourist, it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to get a balayage highlight to your hair. With proper attention, easily check the quality of your balayage, as it starts from your roots and goes to the tips. 

You can use the balayage to mask your grey hairs and give yourself a fresh yet subtle look. The highlight can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months. This depends entirely on the natural colour of your hair and the tone you opt for. Getting a balayage colour highlight is always a better option than any ordinary dyeing method.