Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy After Washing?

Sometimes, you may feel uneasy after a hair wash and wonder: Why does my hair feel waxy after washing? It is discomforting when your hair troubles you instead of making you relaxed after a wash. So, what do you do about this as a resident in the UK or even outside the country? 

Your hair feels waxy after washing due to excessive use of hair products and washing it too often. If you feel you’ve used the right products, you could use dirty accessories or bad water on them. In other cases, it could result from improper diet or medication side effects. Either way, you can correct it. 

Are there ways to eliminate this irritating feeling and get your hair back to shape? Keep reading for more comprehensive answers to your question, ‘why does my hair feel waxy after washing?’ 

What Does it Mean When Your Hair Feels Waxy?

After washing your hair, it should be able to dry up with a dryer or when you’re in the wind. Your hair should feel light, clean, and free, making you comfortable when carrying it around. If it doesn’t feel this way, then there’s something wrong – there are chances your hair is waxy.

It will feel damp and greasy and make you uncomfortable – almost like it’s not even drying. To worsen it, further washing won’t even help put it in better shape. This waxy feel in your hair results from excessive sebum produced by overactive sebaceous glands

Sebum is excellent for the hair since it keeps it healthy and smooth and prevents it from drying out and breaking. However, too much of it may make it look greasy and slick. Excessively oily scalp is aggravating and has been related to dandruff outbreaks.

Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy After Washing?

So why does my hair feel waxy after washing? Well, it could be due to several reasons, so it’s left for you to check closely and identify why.

Firstly, it could result from using excess hair products and washing. This applies to those who love to constantly try out products on their hair. Ingredients in these products like polymers, oils, and silicones could build up in the hair as they attach to it.

Another cause of this is improper hygiene when handling your hair. You may be using dirty materials, bad water, or hard water to take care of the hair. As this dirt accumulates, they are not doing your hair any good.

Furthermore, your eating habits can largely influence the outcome of your hair. Improper diet, stress, and health issues contribute largely to this. Sometimes, side effects from medications like birth control pills or steroids are also behind this.

How Do You Get Rid of the Waxy Feeling After Washing?

Firstly, you should be able to examine your lifestyle closely and figure out why your hair feels this way. Pointing out the cause of the waxy feeling is the first step to getting rid of it immediately. Afterwards, take the steps below to end this feeling.

Check Your Hair Products

It’s probably about time to identify products causing the damage to your hair and put an end to them. Don’t try products again – identify the one that best suits your hair and stick to it. Also, limit how frequently you wash your hair.

Change Your Diet

Avoid junk and fatty food that trigger your glands. Stick to a balanced diet, ensuring you have more fruits and vegetables in your meal. 

Finally, drink plenty of water and get enough rest after a day’s activity. If you’re using any pills, research their side effect and stop their use to get your hair texture back.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Ensure you use clean materials to take care of your hair and wash your hair more thoroughly. Avoid the use of hard water when washing your hair.


For anyone asking, ‘why does my hair feel waxy after washing?’, you now know why your hair feels this way. It shouldn’t be a problem of severe medical concern, and aside from tainting your beauty, it won’t harm you. Follow the simple steps above to get your hair back in shape. Finally, don’t hesitate to seek professional help if the problem persists.