What Hair Colour Suits Me?

Before dying your hair, you might be curious and wondering: What hair colour suits me? As dying hair becomes more rampant in the UK, so does the need for you to get it right. How would you know what hair colour suits you to avoid messing up your beautiful looks with improper colour blends?

You need to consider different features of your face and particularly skin tone before concluding a hair colour suits you. Also, your hair colour should promote your eye colour and portray your style and personality. Platinum, silver, and grey are popular options for dark skin, while caramel brown and jet black work well with white. Beige and honey could be neutral colours.

It’s worth reviewing the hair colour best suits your personality and physical features. Dive into this post for more information on ‘what hair colour suits me?’ 

How Do I Know What Hair Colour Suits Me?

Everyone has a unique shade that makes them different from others. Our facial features, combined with our skin tone, always differ from other people’s. Therefore, it’s difficult to conclude what hair colour is perfect for you. 

Firstly, you have to consider your skin tone. The colour of your skin matters a lot as it can make you look bold or subtle. Usually, for fair skin, a darker shade of hair is always the best and vice-versa, but there are other tweaks. 

Secondly, you must consider the colour of your eyes. Naturally, your eye colour is the same as your hair colour. Hence, if you’re switching things up, ensure your hair colour contrasts your eye colour. 

Lastly, you should consider your personality and nature. Do you prefer to stand out in the crowd or be the hardly noticeable introvert? There are different shades for these different personalities, so you must get it right to pass the right message. 

What Hair Colour Suits Me?

If you’ve examined your features closely, you should be able to come up with suggestions on what suits you best. For example, darker skin tones should have more warm colours in their natural hair. Hence, they should go for colours that emit warmth or choose something contrasting for a new angle. 

Platinum, grey, and pastel shades should work well with brown and dark skin. These colours are perfect from chestnut brown, silver, and rugged colours like bright pink or purple. Fair skin will need darker colours to attract more attention to the facial features.

Chocolate brown, caramel brown and jet black are popular choices. You can also try copper, ash blonde and strawberry blonde. Though they’re not as dark, they could be incredibly complementing.

What Hair Colour Suits Every Skin Tone?

A few colours work well with every kind of skin tone. They may not be your most preferred option, but they’ll certainly look good on you. Colours like chocolate brown, beige, honey and gold accents should suit you irrespective of your skin colour. 


Don’t select just any colour you see on a palette without the proper screening in this post. Though hair dying is fun and creative, you’ll be ruining the entire fashion if you get it wrong.