Looking To Remove Old Ink And Get A Fresh Tattoo?

There are many reasons why you might want to get a tattoo removed. Some of the most popular ones include a change in personal style, or the need for a different look due to career development.

But not everyone who wants to get rid of old ink has moved on from their love of tattoos. Sometimes, tattoo removal can be a way to create a blank canvas so that you can explore new ink choices.

If you’re looking to shake-up your look and make some changes to your body art, here are some commonly asked questions about removing old ink. 

Tattoo Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo?

While the classic answer, ‘It depends…’ still applies with modern tattoo removal, the good news is that these days the treatment schedules are much shorter than they used to be. 

The new laser technology that has transformed the tattoo removal industry has paved the way for much more rapid results.

Gone are the days when tattoo removal was a commitment of a year or more. Now it’s possible to enjoy a more accelerated time frame, so you can enjoy your blank canvas within a matter of months. 

There are some variations in timescales, however, and these are related to aspects such as the size of the tattoo, where it’s located, the age and intensity of the inks and colours etc.

Skin type can also impact the treatment schedule you can expect, though these factors are fast becoming less of an issue. 

To find out the precise time scale for the removal of your tattoo, the best thing to do is book a free consultation with a specialist, who will be only too happy to provide an accurate estimation of your particular procedure time frame. 

Can You Have A New Tattoo Over An Old Tattoo?

Yes, it is possible to have a new tattoo applied over an existing tattoo. This is a specialist niche within the tattoo industry, as it’s slightly more complicated than simply applying a fresh tattoo to a blank canvas. 

For example, careful consideration is required in order to achieve a pleasing aesthetic that masks the old ink.

There may also be some additional aspects to bear in mind, such as any scarring or skin damage from the previous tattoo. 

Having a Cover Up tattoo is an alternative to having an old unwanted tattoo removed and it can sometimes be a good solution, but there are occasions where it might not be ideal.

Again, the best way to discover the best option for you is to speak to the experts. Do you really want a Cover Up tattoo?

Or would you prefer to have the old tattoo completely removed, so you can choose your new look more freely?

Getting in touch with an experienced professional will help you decide the ideal solution for you. 

Can You Remove A New Tattoo?

Even for tattoo enthusiasts, there may be occasions when you want to remove a new tattoo. Perhaps it’s due to a change of heart, image, or circumstances.

Or it could even be that your skin is having an adverse reaction to the ink, causing discomfort or an unsightly rash.

Whatever the reasons for wanting to reverse your ink choices, you do have some options. 

While it is possible to have a new tattoo removed, there are certain conditions. For example, tattoo removal experts will usually advise waiting a certain amount of time before embarking on the laser removal process.

This timeframe may vary, so it’s best to speak directly to a specialist to find out what options are available to you.

As a general guide, however, it’s ideal to wait between six to eight weeks after getting your tattoo before you begin removal treatments. This gives your skin adequate time to heal in preparation for the procedures.

It may be that you can’t reverse your ink decisions as quickly as you’d like, but there are sure to be some options that will help you be free of your new tattoo before too long. 

Alternatively, some innovative laser removal clinics are able to remove a fresh tattoo much quicker than the normal guidelines.

So, if you’re keen to begin the process as soon as possible, it may be worth a search online to see if there’s a suitable provider near you. 

While there are many reasons for wanting to get rid of a tattoo, it’s encouraging to know that there are lots of options available.

And thanks to the latest in laser technology, a range of expert clinics and world-class service providers are making it easier and faster to remove unwanted ink.