Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Damaging?

Do you live in the UK and plan to dye your hair using semi-permanent dye, but wonder: Is semi-permanent hair dye damaging? Semi-permanent hair can be an excellent option for experimenting with new hair colours but not committing to one. But can it be damaging to the hair?

Semi-permanent hair colours only cover the outer layer of hair; therefore, they usually don’t harm the actual hair structure. Due to its lack of penetration, semi-permanent hair colour will not permanently change your hair’s colour. Therefore, semi-permanent hair dye is less harmful than permanent hair dye.

What Is Semi Permanent Hair Dye?

Semi-permanent is a reversible, short-term hair dye that lasts about three to six washings. Semi-permanent colours do not require mixing with the developer before use. 

It will be best to use them on freshly shampooed hair to attain optimal results. The semi-permanent dye can even serve as a temporary highlighter, giving you more shine in between colours. 

However, remember that semi-permanent hair dyes can appear darker on the hair than what they appear in the bottle. Therefore, if you want a lighter shade, you should pick one shade lighter. It may seem strange, but it works. 

Semi-permanent colour is more suitable for those in need of a short-term hair colour change since it fades quickly. Various methods are also available to wash out semi-permanent hair dye more quickly. Getting rid of it as quickly as possible requires a clarifying shampoo.

Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Damaging?  

Since semi-permanent hair colours only dye the hair’s surface, they don’t harm the underlying structure. As semi-permanent hair colour does not penetrate your hair, it will not permanently alter its colour. 

As a result, semi-permanent hair dye is less harmful and requires less maintenance. But, those with colour treated hair typically have porous strands. In these circumstances, semi-permanent dyes may penetrate the hair and leave a stain. 

Thus, you may discover that your semi-permanent lasted longer than you anticipated. When using semi-permanent hair colour, proceed with caution if your hair has suffered colour damage.

You may have damaged your hair from excessive colouring or styling. Ensure that you provide nutrients to your hair follicles for strong, healthy hair before applying the semi-permanent dye.

How Long Will the Semi-Permanent Dye Last on Your Hair?

Generally, semi-permanent hair colours last about six washes. However, this lasting time may vary depending on the shade of semi-permanent dye you use. 

Various other factors can also determine how long the dye will last. Observations have shown that the semi-permanent dye users experience the best results within two weeks.

Also, remember that your hair porosity determines how long the colour will last. If your hair is more porous, you will see a colouring fade faster. Lastly, you should make sure the shampoo you use is safe to use on coloured hair so that it does not fade too quickly.

Benefits of Applying Semi-Permanent Hair Dye on Your Hair

If you wish to change your hair’s look for a short period, you should try dying your hair using a semi-permanent dye. Semi-permanent hair colour is the best choice when you aren’t sure what colour to go with or aren’t ready to keep it for a longer time.

The best thing about semi-permanent hair dye is that the dye fades eventually after multiple washes. Therefore, if your hair colour has gone awry, you can wash it out. 

It will, however, last for several weeks. Those new to hair dyes will find the semi-permanent hair dye a dream come true. 

You can try various shades with the Semi-permanent dye you like until you find your favourite one. Furthermore, semi-permanent hair dye is cheaper, faster, and more straightforward than permanent dye.


The lack of ammonia in semi-permanent dyes and the deficient peroxide concentration mean that they cause no damage to hair. In the case of psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, you should use it with caution. 

If that is the case, consult a dermatologist for advice on the best treatment for your hair and skin. As a whole, if you’re dying your hair for the first time, it’s worth a try to use a semi-permanent hair dye.