Women's Fashion Finds: Hi-Tops | TQS Magazine

Once confined to the realm of MC Hammer and Michael Jordan, the hi-top was an iconic fashion piece of the 90s. Striking a pose with acid wash denim, crop tops and crimped hair. Perfect.

As a child, however, I was never quite cool enough to pull off a pair of Nike Dunks; but now! Well, I’ll be dammed if I don’t at least have a go.


If only to impress Zack, I’ll try.

Hi-tops have seen a revival recently, with mass celebrity uptake, big name high-street brands creating their own ranges, and Nike and Addis taking the iconic shape and adding a twist of attempted femininity with bows and concealed wedge heels.

A firm favourite for me (and perfect for summer) are the Nike Dunks sky hi in red floral print, though there is a huge range of colours, materials and styles available at Office.

Admittedly at first I recoiled at the idea of a heeled hi-top, but you know what, if it’s good enough for Beyonce, then well – it’s good enough for me.