Yamaha Silent Sessions with HJ Lim | TQS Magazine

Most of us listen to our music on the tube through a pair of crappy headphones plugged into our smartphone. But that won’t do for classical pianist HJ Lim. The South Korean virtuoso insists on a  piano for her daily commute. There’s no shuffle mode, but at least she always get a seat. Watch a video of her trip through London at the crack of dawn:

Interesting, right? This isn’t just any piano, it’s a Yamaha Silent Piano (a hybrid version which enables the piano to be played silently using headphones.) Now for the science bit: when the silent function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module.

And before you ask, we’re not entirely sure why she’s on top of a canal boat either.

Find out more information on the official Yamaha site.