Women’s Fashion: January Hitlist | TQS Magazine

January – the fattest and poorest we will be all year round.

This kind of truth brings with it resolutions and determination that we will stick to until at least the first weekend in February.

To help you along with your January resolutions TQS have put together a January Hitlist:

January Hitlist by carriecoco featuring tribal dresses


1 – Versatile dresses are the perfect season hybrid. Wear with grey tights and boots to see you through to the colder winter months ahead, and then happily dig out those tan gladiators from the back of your wardrobe when the time comes. It will soon, I promise.

2 – “This year I will be more organised. I will. I have to be.” If that’s you, then this Christian Lacroix journal is perfect for jotting down dates and notes, and looking pretty incredible whilst you do it too.

3 – Keep that fitness resolution running for longer with glittery running shoes from Topshop. Glittery. Running. Shoes.

4 – April showers (and January, February, March…) are on their way. Brighten up those grey January mornings with this overly pink umbrella from Leighton.

5 – Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it snowing? Is it a heatwave? No, we don’t know either. That’s why these sandal boots are the perfect solution for when you just don’t know where the weather will take you. Plus they tick off the 2013 grunge trend perfectly.

6 – Throw on cool just on easier with this range of printed tees from Topshop. Never be late for work because you simply just don’t have anything wear again.

7 – OK so in 2013 we are determined to be more focused and driven at work. And if that means buying this Firoelli laptop bag then so be it.

8 – Sunglasses. We’re not jumping the gun here. Honestly, we’re not. Summer will be here like…so soon.